Thursday, October 4, 2012

Elementary Pilot Review.

I finally got around to watching Elementary. As you have probably read in my previous post about Elementary, I was skeptical yet optimistic. Particularly about Lucy Liu as Watson, however she was just fine in the role. The problems are with the writing, it was basic homicide crime drama, which I will touch upon later. Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock was solid, he played the crazy "know-it-all", fun to watch type well, but very similar to Robert Downy Jr., and Benedict Cumberbatch. Miller and Liu played off each other well and had a good presence on screen. The episode introduced the characters and gave enough back-story, yet left some to be revealed in later episodes. It was also entertaining to watch for the most part. Overall the series reminded me of 1/3 classic Sherlock, 1/3 Unforgettable (another crime drama, which I only watched briefly), and standard homicide drama. This is Elementary's main issue; from the other previews it does not seem that it will be much different in the coming episodes. (Note: I know someone very well that I consider to be a Sherlock Holmes expert, who has read every story and has seen just about every TV series and film, therefore some of the opinions about this version compared to the original is from his input.) Sherlock Holmes is not just about solving basic homicides there is much more, which the recent Robert Downy Jr. films and Benedict Cumberbatch TV series has captured very well. There needs to be a variety of mysteries, not just standard "Crime of the Week" type series, like half the shows on network TV. Also it could even change the names of the characters and remove a few references and no one would know that it was Sherlock Holmes, although that is a little over exaggerated of an example. Despite these problems, the episode itself was actually good and overall entertaining. The mystery was solid, yet it could not entirely be solved by the audience with the evidence given. While I am not sure if I will continue reviewing each episode of the series but I will definitely continue watching the series. Have you seen the new series? Please comment below with your thoughts about the series.

Overall: 7.3/10- While Elementary brings little new to the normal crime drama, it is a fun rendition of the classic detective.

Note: Elementary is rated "TV 14" and does contain violence and other content. 

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  1. I liked reading your thoughts; I probably won't be watching this (I still really want to see BBC Sherlock, which of course, I would watch over this any day.) It will be interesting to see where the series goes, especially with the female Dr Watson.


  2. I enjoyed the show for Lucy Liu's performance. Miller though was a letdown, constantly reminding me of both Downey Jr and Cumberbatch.


  3. @buddy2blogger: After watching the second episode, I agree that Millar was too similar to them. But I also agree that Lucy Liu was much better than I expected.


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