Friday, October 5, 2012

A Good Day to Die Hard Trailer!

A new trailer for “A Good Day to Die Hard”, the 5th installment in the iconic Die Hard franchise, has been released and John McClain is back in action! The original Die Hard is one of my favorite action movies; however the sequels are not that great. Although the recent "Live Free or Die Hard" was fun, it was way too over-the-top with some ridiculously unrealistic stunts. But I still have some hope for A Good Day to Die Hard because Bruce Willis is awesome. While the trailer barely shows anything important, it does use the song, that I think is "Ode to Joy", which was used in the original Die Hard since it was set around Christmas. From the few details that are revealed, John McClane's will be teaming-up with his son, who is also a cop and he will be fighting Russians but that is all I know at this time. For my upcoming "Reader's Choice" post, reviews for the Die Hard films will be up for you to vote on. What do you think about this trailer? Please comment below. Also I first found this trailer at Movie Reviews by Nora01. Be sure to check back tomorrow for Trivia.
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  1. Wow, you really don't see that much in the trailer but I LOVED hearing the Christmas song! For some reason, that just made it feel like this really was going to be a Die Hard movie.

    I've not see any of the Die Hard sequels and I really don't want to because I'll probably be disappointed with them because the original was SO amazing. I will be very interested to see the future trailers for this movie; I can't believe he's still making them!


  2. I still need to watch the first one...Dang it~!


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