Saturday, October 13, 2012

Clone Wars "Front Runners" Review.

*Full Spoilers for the episode.*
After last week's set-up episode, "A War On Two Fronts", I was hoping that the next would deliver something great and overall it mostly accomplished it. The action was good, however the Battledroids were annoying and dumb as always. "Front Runners" opened with a series of terrorist attacks by Onderonian Rebels using clever tactics, which were cool to see. It dealt with the issue of the people being afraid of Rebels because they do not know that they could win was an interesting topic. Since one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, unless there are civilian casualties, therefore they are just terrorists. Some of the dialogue felt a little unnatural between Saw, Steela and Lux while stealing the tank. The attack on the Federation base was well animated and the expositions looked great. The animation of the lighting was better than usual adding an excellent dynamic to the look of the city. Also the structure of the is kept very similar to how it has in Knights of the Old Republic video game, which as a fan of game was glad to see. Hopefully next week's episode will build upon what "Front Runners" set-up with the addition of the new Federation droid general. While this seems to be a solid story arc, it lacks the quality that many of the truly amazing story arcs, unless there is some great reveal in the next two episodes. But it is much better than last year's "Mon Calamari" season opener. I am really starting to like Steela as a character; she has grown fast as a character in just two episodes.
One of the key highlights of the episode was the final scene talking to Obi-Wan and Anakin; it really ended the episode well with the reveal that Saw is Steela's brother. It was unexpected, I am sure Lux is feeling like Han did after the battle of Endor (video below) after Leia told him that Luke was her brother. Although it is unclear if he actually heard Steela said it or not but Ahsoka was definitely not happy. Another interesting line was Anakin's saying that he knows what it feels like, which really seemed to catch Ahsoka off-guard. Hopefully it will lead her to discovering Anakin and Padme, which should be a good episode.
Overall 8.3/10- Overall "Front Runners" delivered in both the action as well as the characters and was a mostly rewarding pay-off to last week's episode.

Here is something Jacob thought of as kind of a pardoy of the song "Call Me Maybe" while watching the episode: "Hey droid I just met you, and this is crazy, but call a tank, so I can hijack-it maybe?"
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  1. I love your review! I totally agree. However I watched it online and the graphics weren't really good.

  2. @Solace Utara: Thank you! Glad you agree, looking forward to your review.



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