Saturday, October 20, 2012

Clone Wars: The Soft Wars

After Last Week's overall impressive episode, I had higher hopes for "The Soft War" and it did not disappoint. It opened with an attack followed by a declaration of freedom by Steela, which was very clever how it was done. Warning the following contains complete spoilers for the episode.

Finally the story arc had the perfect balanced of action, story, and characters. Oddly, the cloaks for the Saw and Lux looked excellent compared to the odd Jedi cloaks. Just in terms of the visuals, I was very impressed, probably the best looking episode of the season. Everything had a very lived-in gritty style which worked excellently. The strike by the Rebels at the execution was my favorite moment of the episode; the chaos of the attack was captured perfectly by the camera angles and the way it was animated. Again the episode deals with the theme of terrorism and rebellion paving the way for future rebellion. I can really see Lux and Steela becoming an important part of the Rebel Alliance during the Rebellion Era; it would be very cool if their characters could incorporate in some way. I liked Ahsoka a lot in the episode; I thought she would do the predictable thing and help the Rebels anyway. Waiting until later really built up the suspense and I almost thought at one point that the former King was going to actually be executed. It is times like that were Alfred Hitchcock's principle of suspense is used well shows that the series is really progressing into a better quality of directing. The line of dialogue between Ahsoka and Lux was interesting and still the audience guessing as how their relationship will progress as well as what Steela said to Lux. Although I thought the facial express were very well animated this episode, Jacob on the hand was not so impressed. Also I noticed that the Onderonian General looked surprisingly like Captain Pellaeon from the Thrawn Trilogy books, if anyone knows his name please comment below with it. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Overall 8.4/10- While "The Soft War" is not in the same league as classic Clone Wars episodes like "Rookies", it might just be the best episode of the season thus far, "Impressive, most impressive."

Have you seen the episode? If so please comment below with your thought about it.

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  1. To respond to your comment: yes. I removed my button a while ago because i couldn't seem to get the code and the image to coexist. I never actually got both parts of it on screen at the same time.

  2. Great review, James! I remember when I used to watch the CWs. Ahh, the good old days! :D My favorite episodes are still the ones with Savage Opress! He's really cool!

  3. @JT: OK, thanks for answering. I haven't been able to get a new one to either.

    @Rebecca: Yes, the Savage Opress episodes were the best! :D

    @Vincent the awesome: Glad to see another Clone Wars fan.


  4. Just finished the episode, and I agree, it is definitely the best of the arc. I really loved the action and how the general ended up helping them in the end :)

  5. Just finished the episode, and I agree, it is definitely the best of the arc. I really loved the action and how the general ended up helping them in the end :)

  6. Yeah I loved this episode! A great balance of everything!
    Yeah, I still think the cloaks look odd :P

  7. @Shena Tokala: Glad you agree. :) After thinking about it a little, "Revival" was the better episode. Not sure why I liked this one so much right after watching it.

    @Solace Utara: Glad you agree as well. :) I actually thought the Rebel cloaks were much improved, but to each their own. :)



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