Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clone Wars: Tipping Points Review

Finally the Onderonian story is over! Although I did enjoy last week's "Soft War", I vastly overrated the episode and have now changed the score to 8.4/10. But "Tipping Points" almost made this four episode story arc worth it.
Warning this post contains complete spoilers for the episode "Tipping Points".
Wow! Just The Clone Wars did exactly what I was hoping, they killed off Steela. While I very much liked the character, I was hoping that the story arc would end with her death to give the arc something memorable and it was more than satisfying. As The Clone Wars team said at CVI, this episode was inspired by Avatar in terms of the creatures and the look of Onderon and even though I am far from a fan of the movie, it did have some impressive visuals. One of my favorite characters, Hondo, made a short but effective appearance, which was fun to see.
"Tipping Points" really packed a lot into one episode but it never felt like it was too much. The battle was impressive and the animation was again top notch. The character drama worked well and Lux has started to become more likable now.
Steela's death was handled brilliantly, I was wondering the entire scene if she was going to make it. At one point I figured Ahsoka would eventually save her but the end were she actually fell to her death was kind of shocking. I did not think The Clone Wars team had the guts to do it, yet they have surprised me again. The ending was great with Steela's funeral and the Onderonians finally winning their freedom.
Overall 9.2/10- Overall "Tipping Points" is definitely my favorite episode of the season thus far, however it is not one of the best of the series.
Now as for the story arc as a whole, it was entertaining and had its moments but it never reach the heights of many of the other story arcs, it has been one of the weaker four part story arcs of the series.
Although I would not say that season 5 is disappointing, it has yet to blow me away like the Krell arc did last season. "Revival" was cool but lacked a little in story and the other episodes from this arc.
Overall Story Arc: 8.0/10- Ultimately this arc serves to develop Ahsoka's and Lux's characters, but it could have been shortened to three episodes.
These past few episodes about the Rebels has made me think about how old are Ahsoka, Steela, Lux and Saw? If anyone knows I would appreciate it if you would comment below.

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  1. I still can't get over her death.
    Nice review any way (:


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