Sunday, April 12, 2015

Upcoming Posts: Big Hero 6, Top 10 Villains, and More

Here is a quick preview of the upcoming posts for the coming week. If you have any ideas for a short post series like "Movie Music and More," please let me know; I am open to suggestions. I have also recorded an audio Q&A with the questions you asked me several months ago. I might even get that up by next week and then answer new questions weekly in 7-10 minute segments.

Monday: Big Hero 6 Review
Tuesday: Movie Music and More
Wednesday: Metropolis Review
Thursday:  Movie News/Trailer Review
Friday: Top 10 Villains Finale Part

If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to


  1. The schedule looks good! Looking forward to your Big Hero 6 review. :D


  2. Cool post schedule! :) Looking forward to the upcoming posts :) It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on Big Hero 6, as well as seeing who the top villains on your list will be :)

  3. Sounds great, I can't wait to see your review of Big Hero 6. I've already done mine and you should comment it per se.

  4. Are you asking for volunteers to write a "Movie Music and More" post for that series? If so... I am a great lover of soundtracks. I could totally do one... or more....

    (And this very minute, I realized I never wrote you that movie review we talked about last year! Argh! Maybe this summer some time?)

    1. That was not what I was asking, but it is a fantastic idea! If you want to write a few guest posts about soundtracks and such, email me. :)

      I thought about that earlier as well, but I figured you were just busy and forgot, so that's fine. If you still want to do that too, let me know whatever you are up for it (like this summer).


    2. I am crazy insane busy through May, but after that, I'll probably have time to do a movie post. However, guest posts about soundtracks would be a LOT faster/easier to write, so I could totally work a few of those up for you, and you could just use them whenever you felt like you needed a break or whatever. I'll try to look through my soundtracks today and pick some that I think a) you might not highlight yourself, but b) your readers would be interested in. I'll email you soon!

    3. Sounds great! And thank you; that is going be helpful.



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