Friday, April 24, 2015

Movie Music and More #8

In anticipation for Avengers: Age of Ultron next, today's Movie Music and More features the soundtrack from Thor, by Patrick Doyle. Now this is an epic soundtrack. It may be considered derivative from other works, but its classic orchestral theme in "Thor Kills the Destroyer" works well for Thor's heroic turn at the end of the film. On the other hand, "Sons of Odin," fits well for the family drama element of the earlier parts of the film. In fact, all of the tracks are rather fantastic, and after watching the film, I listened to the entire soundtracks many times back in 2011. Listening to it again for this post reminded just how excellent of a soundtrack Patrick Doyle composed for the film. Maybe, I will rank the soundtracks from Marvel's Cinematic Universe films; that could be a fun post (no promises). 

However, I do have some special things planned for a countdown to Age of Ultron starting next week. Also, please refrain from mentioning anything about the film in the comments. Whether it be someone else's review or your opinion, please do not say anything about it. I have avoided most trailers and I want to go in without the bias and expectations of others holding back my opinion.

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  1. I had to pause my Kpop. XD

    That was a good track! I haven't heard the Thor soundtrack in a very long time! YES RANK MARVEL OSTs! WHAT A GREAT IDEA. no pressure lol XD


  2. I really like the Thor soundtracks.

  3. I do love this soundtrack -- not surprising since Patrick Doyle is one of my faves. I love writing to it -- so stirring! I might even like the soundtrack better than the movie :-o


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