Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jared Leto's Joker Revealed in Suicide Squad

What the heck!? Jared Leto's take on the Joker has finally been revealed for the upcoming Suicide Squad, and it nothing like anyone expected. What is going on here!? He looks like some punkrock drug dealer! Of all the upcoming DC films, Suicide Squad is the one that I am most hyped for, and this new photo isn't doing my hype any favors. 
Despite initial impressions, there are some interesting aspects of this photo. For one, Jared Leto is, again, unrecognizable in a role, and I have no doubt that he will kill it as the character (pun intended). The skull jester looks somewhat sinister, and the mouth on the arm is not a bad idea. The "HAHAHAHA" everywhere isn't terrible I suppose, but just like Jeremy Jahns said, these tattoos look like something a Joker fan would get, and the "Damaged" on his forehead is not something the Joker would do to himself (maybe he didn't?).

His eyes look insane, and the green hair is a good throwback to the classic look, so those elements are not bad. What I absolutely hate is the grill on his teeth, or are silver replacement teeth. Hopefully, the Joker will wear a snazzy purple suit like the original Joker, so that the tattoos are not as prominent. Or maybe this will look a lot better in the film. With such a punkrock look for the Joker, I am afraid of what that might mean for Harley Quinn's appearance; will she also be a punk rocker? Of all the DC movies, I really want this one to be good! David Ayer has had some ups and downs with his films, but he has had several critical hits, and I hope this is one of them, because a movie about villains is exactly what I want to see. 

On a side note, this version of the Joker reminds me of Jake Martinez (picture below) from Tiger and Bunny (I highly recommend the series for superhero fans). From how he is portrayed in the series, Jake is a very Joker like to the point where he has an assistant that refers to him as "Mr. Jake," much like Harley and the Joker.

To a lesser degree, his small build and tattoos remind me of Jonny Lee Miller's take on Sherlock Holmes in Elementary (not that’s it s positive or negative thing).

What do you think of this new Joker? Please comment below and let me know, and do not forget to check out my Avengers Countdown post by clicking here.

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  1. Man, I think it looks terrible. Seems like it's trying to appeal to our current society (grillz and tattoos being more popular than ever). Idk. But is this just a promo photo, I though I read this doesn't mean it will be the actual version in the movie? But I'm not sure about that?

  2. These DC guys are still making movies???? Their last good movie was The Dark Knight in 2008. They should just STOP already....

  3. I think it looks pretty great, and it's clearly distinct from the previous two film iterations, which is a benefit for the film.

    I'm not sure it's necessarily a "grill". I don't think they are trying to appeal to gangs or any thing...I think it's probably dirty, rotten teeth, some of which had to be replaced.

    The biggest question mark is his performance. I think if he plays the crazy, psycho joker route, this look will mesh nicely with it.

    I'm pretty impressed thus far though. If I would change anything I would remove a few tattoos and replace them with scars. For as seedy as a villain as the joker is, he doesn't seem to have any wounds.

  4. I feel like they've taken the obvious (he's insane, we all know The Joker is insane) and have now overdone it externally. Who knows, this could turn out really cool but with DC's track recorder...

    The thing that I liked about Heath Ledger's Joker was that, despite us knowing he was evil and he was obviously crazy for doing some crazy things, he actually said a lot of sane things. I enjoyed him as a villain because he was both fun to watch AND YET demanded a respect because he knew what he was doing. It is that version of The Joker that makes him my third favorite villain of all time.

    However, if The Joker is just crazy for crazy's sake...I don't know, it just changes the character completely. I'm probably not making much sense any more XD


  5. I think they really wanted to go for something different from the Ledger Nolan version. I'll have to see how it works on screen beforehand....

  6. Not sure about this. Wonder how Will Smith's Deadshot will look like....

  7. I'm pretty neutral on this movie so far... but this picture is very interesting. I don't particularly like the tattoos or the teeth, or the general modernizing, hip-ifying-ness of it all, but I don't particularly dislike it all either. I do like the very green hair. And, I like the impression that this photo gives. Crazy, totally over-the-top and unexpected, and it makes me feel like the movie will have a lot of style and dark humor. Which would definitely be a good thing, but we'll see I guess!

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