Friday, August 8, 2014

Top 25 Best Comic Book Casting Choices: Part 3

My list of the Top 25 Comic Book Casting Choices continues with five more picks.

At Number 15: Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
After making a lackluster first impression in her first appearance as Black Widow in Iron Man 2, Scarlett Johansson was able make the role her own The Avengers, which is largely thanks to Joss Whedon's masterful direction and writing, showing that a lowly human can match wits and fists with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Scarlett continued to impress as Natasha Romanoff in this year's near perfect, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Now, when is she going to get the movie of her own?!

At Number 14: Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man
Despite receiving a ton of hate, Tobey Maguire is a truly spectacular Spider-Man and Peter Parker. While his performance suffered in Spider-Man 3, that was more due to Raimi jumping the shark than Maguire's performance. Admittedly, Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man, but Maguire did look and play the awkward nerd aspect of the character perfectly. A lot of people criticize him for whining too much, but my comeback to that is: if someone murdered your father figure and you are partially responsible for it, would you do any better? I think not. 

At Number 13: James McAvoy as Charles Xavier 
When trying to replace the iconic bald head of Patrick Stewart, you have quite a momentous task ahead of you, and James McAvoy somehow managed to pull it off. McAvoy played up the leader of men, or rather mutants, charisma of the character, while also showing how Xavier was a fun guy before it all went down. However, it is his recent Oscar worthy turn as Xavier in Days of Future Past that shot McAvoy from the bottom of the list to near the top.

At Number 12: Ian McKellan as Magneto
Ian McKellan brought a lot of gravitas to, quite possibly, the best comic book villain of all-time, Magneto. Like the comics, McKellan's version of Magneto is not particularly evil; he only wants what is best for the species, which can result in some evil deeds. McKellan's veteran presence turned out to be the perfect counter to Stewart's equally apt performance as Professor X.

At Number 11: Patrick Stewart as Professor X
Yet another case when the character is ripped straight from the pages of the comic, Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier both looked and acted the part. Just as McKellan gave his role gravitas, so did Patrick Stewart Is there anything more that needs to be said? He embodies the character!

Please comment below and let me know what you think of my choices.

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  1. Great list! :D
    I agree, Scarlet was fantastic as Black Widow and she definitely needs her own movie! :D
    I also enjoyed Maguire's interpretation of Spider-Man, especially how he played the awkward, nerdy side of him(which was easily identifiable). I also don't like when they call him annoying(or most other characters, really) since the people calling the character that have most likely been whinny themselves(and for lesser reasons).
    Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart were both awesome in their roles! :D It's so cool that such good actors are both in the same movie series. I watched X-Men: The Last Stand the other night and I definitely can't wait for Days of Future Past(when I get to it) :) :D.

    1. Thanks! :D
      Yes, Black Widow definitely needs a move, hopefully it will happen soon.
      I know what you mean. Two of the best British actors playing off of each other is excellent. :)


  2. As you probably know by now I have never read any comics in my life ha. But I thought I heard complaints about Professor X being too nice/calm in the movies compared to the that true? Did he have more of an 'edge' in the comics or was he always calm and cool headed? Plus I love Sir Ian Mckellen as Magneto, I think hes great!

    1. Well, there are many different versions of the Professor X character, and he has a slightly different personality depending on the writer, so I believe Stewart's version of the character fits well for the most part compared to the comic. Hopefully that makes sense.



    I also really like Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. And the word 'whiny' has never popped in my head in connection to this version of the character! What is wrong with people?!

    I have yet to rewatch any of the X-Men films so I don't feel up to snuff enough with my memory to be able to comment on everyone else. :)


    1. LOL!

      Good! I hate it when people say that about him!


  4. When I first learned they'd cast Patrick Stewart as Professor X, I actually called my little brother to tell him (I was in college at the time) and we rejoiced over the perfect casting. (And then, to my great shame, I got really huffy over the fact that they replaced Dougray Scott with some unknown guy for Wolverine, and refused to see the movie in the theater. I just didn't know! I'd seen Scott in Ever After and wanted to see what he would be like all growly. Sigh. I was such a foolish, foolish girl. I've tried to make it up by seeing all subsequent X-Men movies and Wolverine movies at least twice in the theater, but... I still feel really dumb about that.)

    I really really really really love Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. If anyone can write a solo movie worthy of her, it's Joss Whedon, so here's hoping.

    The first time I saw X-men: First Class, I didn't care for James MacAvoy much. I may have been a bit dazzled by Michael Fassbender as Magneto, to be honest. I didn't expect to like him so much, and I do think Fassbender is the better actor. But with Days of Future Past I started to really appreciate MacAvoy, and so when I rewatched First Class for the first time a couple weeks ago, I found myself liking him better there too.

    And Ian McKellan. I didn't really know his work before the first X-Men, but I am such a big fan now. I love that he and Patrick Stewart are buddies in real life!

    As for Tobey... I never felt like he was snarky enough to be Spidey. But I didn't hate him either, and I quite liked the first movie.

    1. Since I was a kid when the X-Men movies came out, I did not have a real "reaction" to Stewart's casting, but after reading the comics and everything, he really is perfect for the role. Oh yeah, I remember you saying that's why you did not see them in theaters. We all make mistakes, haha.

      Agreed, a Black Widow movie would be shiny.



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