Friday, August 22, 2014

My Doctor Who Speech

Season 8 of Doctor Who premieres tomorrow, and before the new season, you can watch my speech about the history of the Doctor Who. Long story short, last semester in college, I had a speech class, and the assignment for my first speech was to do an informative speech about something, and I chose the History of Doctor Who. Since this video was for speech class, I had to do the entire speech in one take, so my delivery is not perfect. Thankfully, I received 150 out of 150 points for the speech, and it turned out that my teacher was a Whovian, so everything turned out well (my overall grade was literally 99/100). Behind me is a Powerpoint presentation, which was required for the speech. Please let me know what you think of the speech, and hopefully it is informative.

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  1. It would have been nice if you'd been able to mention two points: 1.) Doctor Who premiered right after JFK's assassination, and if memory serves correct had its premiere rebroadcast because the BBC thought it was a poor time to launch the show, and 2.) the last story of the original series was curiously named "Survival". On the whole, it was a good presentation giving a brief overview of a massive television program.

    That, and I pretty much hated both Day of and Time of The Doctor, but that's just me.

    1. The JFK assassination was apart of my original draft, but I could not go over 5 minutes, so I had to cut it. Thanks Rick!


  2. Great speech! :) I remember you sent me this a while ago! :) Good job on it! :)

    Can't wait for Doctor Who tomorrow! :D

  3. That was great! It was quick and informative without being hard to follow. I'm glad you got such a high score, too! *applauds* ;)



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