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Top 25 Best Comic Book Casting Choices: Part 2

My top 25 Best Comic Book Casting Choices list continues with more entries on the list. Please be sure to check back next week for more of the list, as well as the podcast where I discuss my Top 5 Worst Comic Book Character casting choices with a guest host.

At Number 20: Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner
When audiences come out of a movie with three previously established actors in iconic roles and you are just as memorable as they are, you are doing something right, and that is exactly what Mark Ruffalo did in the role of Bruce Banner/The Hulk in The Avengers. One would think that out of the characters in the Avengers, Ruffalo's Bruce Banner/Hulk would be brushed to the side, and that certainly was not the case thanks to Ruffalo's fantastic performance. He was able to match wits with Downey's Stark. In the upcoming Age of Ultron, Andy Serkis is lending his amazing motion capture skills to help Ruffalo bring the Hulk to life even better than before! 

At Number 19: Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
Michael Caine is Alfred Pennyworth; OK moving on.... Alright fine, I will elaborate further. Michael Caine is at his best when playing supporting roles, and this is easily my favorite of his. He far out shines Christian Bale's Batman whenever they are on screen together.

At Number 18: J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson
J.K. Simmons' J. Jonah Jameson is ripped right off the page. Out of all the actors on this list, no other actor matches his comic book counterpart in terms of look and personality than Simmons as Jameson. He was hilarious, bombastic, and so absurdly fun to watch! Simmons even continue to voice the character in various animated series, and he wants to reprise his role in the new Spider-Man series, although I am not entirely sure what to think of that possibility.

At Number 17: Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Out of superhero romantic interests, no other is more believable and lovable than Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. After the recent Amazing Spider-Man 2, Stone solidified herself as the definitive love interest for Spider-Man. Stone's natural chemistry with Andrew Garfield is positively perfect with their cute and believable dialogue exchanges.  

At Number 16: Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon
Gary Oldman is the absolute perfect casting choice for Jim Gordon. He not only looks the part, but his performance is spot on for the character. Of the characters in Nolan's Batman trilogy, Gordon is often the most underrated, while being, arguably, the most realistically developed and human character of the entire cast. Even though I normally do not care about the stupid things celebrities say, Oldman's recent comments about how he believes The Dark Knight trilogy and the Harry Potter franchise are essentially dumb and should not be regarded as quality works of film has pissed me off a bit, hence the lower ranking on the list.

Please check back next week for the continuation of the list, and please comment with what you think of my choices.

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  1. I don't have much to say except... so much win..... like for real.

  2. MARK RUFFALO!!!!! I think he really helped make The Avengers what it is; if Bruce Banner/Hulk hadn't been so well done would have weighed the film down a little bit. But of course he was PERFECTION.

    Michael Caine will always be Alfred to me. Definitely one of the better parts/characters of Nolan's Batman Trilogy!

    J Jonah Jameson is hysterical.

    Gary Oldman said WHAT?! That is so sad. :'(




  4. Great continuation of the list! :D I agree, Mark Ruffalo was the perfect Bruce Banner. Before, I always thought the Hulk looked weird, but he made me love the character and now he's one of my favorites!

    Michael Caine was definitely perfect as Alfred- that was a character I've liked for a long time and he just nailed the role(and yes, he is definitely a scene-stealer)

    Glad to hear how close J.K. Simmons was to the original source- he was hilarious in his role and I liked how well he did.

    I loved Gwen in the new Spider-Man films! She was a great character and Emma Stone was a great choice for the role. Can't wait for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to come out on DVD so I can finally watch it.

    Jim Gordon was also a great character in the Batman films(and one of my favorites). Though, I also really don't like what he said- that's just crazy! Both film franchises are actually very good! And if he thought they were dumb, then why was he involved in them? If I was a prolific actor like he was, I'd only do something if I wanted to do it.

    1. Thank you very much. :) Cool! Ruffalo really knocked it out of the park, even for newcomers.

      Hope you enjoy Amazing Spider-Man 2, it is such a great movie. :)

      I know! I can't believe Oldman said that!


  5. Mark Ruffalo was on my shortlist for my Top Ten list (spoiler), and the ONLY reason I pulled him out was because he was in one film and thus, did not have the screentime of the others who did "make the cut". HOWEVER, should there be a Hulk movie, he would jump higher (and as it stands, already surpasses both Bana and Norton).

    Like your choices and can't wait to see the final parts.

    1. That is the same reason why he made that spot on the list. And I agree, there should be a Hulk movie. It is reported to be in the works, but nothing is in stone yet.

      Thanks Rick!


  6. When you make your worst list how about Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Here is a much better choice. On the small screen Teri Hatcher was perfect, my favorite Lois of all time.

    1. For me, Lois will always be embodied by Margo Kidder.


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