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Attack on Titan: Episode 7 Review

With episode 5's shocking plot twists still left unexplained, episode 7 throws the audience right back into the action.
*Major Spoilers*
The episode starts out by showing the disarray at the HQ with even one of the soldiers "opting-out" instead of fighting to survive. Jean's platoon (or whatever you call it) are out of gas for their 3DMGs, aka ODMs, and the soldiers at HQ are too overrun to supply the gas. Being the bada** that she is, Mikasa leads the charge to take back HQ, and she gives a not so motivational speech to Jean and the others. What follows is more of the incredibly amazing action scenes and some epic music. 
Titan PUNCH!!!!!!!
Mikasa's ODM runs out of gas, and she falls. Until the end of the episode, there is not a lot to say, but that does not mean the episode was anything less than amazing. Jean is forced to make a tough decision when some of his platoon members die. However, what makes the episode something special is the last seven minutes with Mikasa demonstrating the resolve and will power not to give up that she learned from Eren. While flashbacks can be annoying, the previous episode's flashback scenes appear to be justified, so that Mikasa's actions are further explained. 
Unexpectedly, at least for most viewers, right before Mikasa is about to face a Titan without her ODM, another mysterious Titan attacks the other Titan and saves Mikasa. Why would a Titan attack another Titan!? Also, this Titan looks different than the others. Unfortunately, I somewhat think I know what that Titan is, so possible spoiler ahead if you have not seen the next episode: Eren is the new Titan. Aside from the main story, the animation continues to be mind-blowingly stunning, especially during the action scenes. The music is perfect with the insert songs reminding me of Kill la Kill's "Blumenkranz" with the lyrics German, although that should not be a surprise since the same composer did both soundtracks. Trina Nishimura's as Mikasa continues to give the standout best performance of the series in the dub. She provides a lot of depth and emotion to her scenes. The rest of the English cast has been consistently superb as well.

Overall: 8.9/10- Episode 7, "The Small Blade: Battle of Trost District, Part 3," mostly follows the series' best character, Mikasa, in yet another action packed episode that introduces a new variable with the "Traitor Titan." 

*Major Spoiler for Future Episodes* Of course, after writing this review and watching the later episodes, I know for certain that Eren is, indeed, the Titan.

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  1. Great review! :) This is definitely a good episode and even though I already knew Eren was a Titan shifter before starting the show, I remember this being one of my favorite episodes. I love the Battle of Trost arc, it was so cool! :D(but then, the entire show is amazing! :D). I really like how this show develops it's characters, since all of them, even a lot of the side characters, each get a bit devoted to them(some won't until next season, but I can say it's really good from my reading of the manga!). And yes, I LOVE the animation- the action sequences are SO COOL! :D And the soundtrack is just perfect- in fact, it's one of my top favorite TV show soundtracks ever! :D.
    And I love that gif of Armin- I remember that being a favorite moment of mine while watching the show! :D (and the punching-the-head-off in the first gif is just awesome!).

    1. Thanks! :) Ah, so you knew before watching the series as well about Eren's Titan form. Same here, the character development in even the side characters is excellent. Right now, AOT's soundtrack is one of my Top TV ones too. :D


  2. *Spoiler*

    Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but you know what, the first time I saw these episodes that hint that Eren can transform into a Titan, I was a little disappointed deep inside. I don't know, I guess I was assuming that AOT would be much better if everyone was simply human and desperate to win the endless war against Titans. The fact that the main character is again in the usual formula of half-human-half-something is a let down.

    But of course, that doesn't mean that I don't like AOT. You know well that I do. LOL. I'm just saying that I think the sense of danger and desperation would be much more intense if the characters are normal. But since that's obviously not the case, I still like AOT for what it is.

    1. I can understand your perspective on the Titan form. Knowing what I was getting into before even watching the series about the Titan form, I was not disappointed. Giving Eren some special does seem a bit standard for a shounen series though. It would have been so interesting if Mikasa became the main character after Eren was eaten, and Eren stayed dead.



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