Monday, May 12, 2014

Podcast Recruitment

The J and J Productions podcast is returning, and I need your help! The podcast will have a new format that focuses on one specific topic with up to three people plus myself with topics ranging from Star Wars to anime, or anything that you can think of. In the podcast, you will introduce yourself and promote your website, and I will link to the website. To be apart of the podcast all you have to have is a Skype account, my account is james.starslayer, and follow the few rules that I have posted below. Also, if you live in a country outside of the US, that is fine because we can work around the time difference, and I have a lot of experience Skyping with people that have slow internet or that live overseas. Please email me at, comment, or contact me on Skype for more details (voice chat would be preferred). I will be on Skype most of the day, so it will be easy for us to discuss the podcast there. Also, the podcasts are going to be shorter and more manageable to both listen to and record (less than an hour). Again, you can add me on Skype at james.starslayer, and you can download Skype for free from the official Skype website here.

Possible Podcast ideas:
Agents of SHIELD
Middle Earth (not sure what to discuss exactly)
Movie/TV Adaptations of Novel, Comics, Manga, ect. (general discussion)
Star Wars Episode 7 and Beyond Thoughts
The Walking Dead

If anyone has an idea for a podcast please let me know, because that is the point of this post. Also, Jordan and I plan to make an Interstellar podcast once the trailer is released.

Rules of the podcast:
1: No swearing or profanity.
2: No off topic discussions of politics or other non-topic controversial issues (I want to keep it fun).

Below are links to my previous podcasts.
Podcast #1
Podcast #2
Podcast #3
On a side note, one of the reasons why I want to do the podcast this week is that the arm injury I mentioned earlier turned out to be something that requires me to wear an arm cast/brace for the next week, so typing is much harder, but I can still talk for the podcast. Also, I will still continue to post as planned since I have a contingency plan.
Yeah, that's my arm.

If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to


  1. Ouch! I hope your arm gets better soon. I'll be looking forward to the new podcasts. By the way, I like your Star Wars shirt.
    Once again, hope your arms gets better!

  2. Glad to see the return of the podcasts! :) I'd like to be involved at some point, since I had a lot of fun last time :).
    I'm sorry your arm is still hurt, I hope it gets better soon(cool Star Wars shirt!)

    1. Thank you! I will try to think of some ideas for the podcast.

      Thanks. :)


  3. We could talk about Attack on Titan, I was thinking :)

    1. I will have to finish the series first, but is a great idea.


  4. First, get well soon. I've sent a message but would love to participate. I'm not well-versed in anime, but Doctor Who...

  5. I'm so excited about this idea; I can't wait to hear all the podcasts you're going to host!



One rule: No strong profanity. If you want to link to one of your posts, please do; I am always interested in other reviews and such.

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