Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Agents of SHIELD: Ragtag Review

With the season finale later today, Agents of SHIELD is about to finish its first seasons, and the episode, "Ragtag," hints at some big reveals in the season finale.
"Ragtag" shows us flashbacks of Ward's past while simultaneously progressing the plot. While the young actor that plays Ward did not particularly look like the character, seeing how Ward was recruited by Garrett was interesting. Apparently, Ward went AWOL from the military and decided to burn down his old home with his older brother inside. Garrett giving Ward 10 seconds to decide was cool with the agents bursting in to extract Ward and Garrett. While not the most effective, the flashbacks were done well enough, and they tied in with Ward's "weakness" well enough. Also, Ward is obviously beginning to question Garret's judgement after DeathLok tried to kill him to force Skye to decode the information.
As for the rest of the episode, we got to see Coulson completely "geek-out" about the old Howling Commando tech from Triplett, and it was hilarious! Seeing such a big tie-in with the Howl Commandos made me geek-out some as well. 
Seeing Coulson and May as "tech geeks" was positively hilarious! The sweater vests, glasses, and the way they acted was priceless. Having all of Cybertek's files be physical files rather than computers is an interesting concept, and it makes sense to a degree. My favorite part of the Cybertek infiltration has to be the "Get ready for a large file transfer" joke because that was hilarious. Also, one mistake made is that Triplett shot a rope for the Coulson and May to slide down on, but he put it in the ceiling of an office building, and what he shot into has nothing behind to hold onto with, so that was kind of a dumb mistake.
While not terribly surprisingly, the team discovered that Garrett is a cyborg and that he was the first DeathLok. In the comics, Garrett is a cyborg so that is accurate, although I like the twist that he was the first DeathLok. Also, his distrust of SHIELD definitely seems warranted considering what happened. 
Fitz using the EMP joybuzzer to critically wound Garrett was clever, and Fitz's unreasonable belief that Ward is not all bad, while annoying at times, makes sense with the character. With Garrett injured, he was forced to the use the compound from Skye's blood samples, and I suppose we will see next episode what the serum is going to do to him. Also, making Garrett on death's door without the something to keep him alive gives him proper reasoning behind his obsession with serum. 
The other big reveal is that Skye's parents are "monsters" of some kind implying that she is most likely either Asgardian or alien, although alien seems likely with the Guardians of the Galaxy around the corner. 
On a side note, Skye and May's talk about Ward was a nice character for both considering the previous tension between the two. 

Overall: 9.3/10- While not quite on par with the previous few episodes, "Ragtag" sets up for the finale effectively and gives us insight into Ward's character.

Lastly, when I was trying to write the part about May and Skye, I fell asleep while writing this review, and below is the result (I am not joking, but I thought it was too humorous not to post).


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  1. Hahaha, that's a lot of S's.... :P I liked how this episode went kinda old school with the spy tech, that was fun and different. That actor playing young Ward though... very distracting. Anyway I enjoyed this one, and can't wait to see how they wrap it all up tonight!

    1. lol :P Yeah, that actor for Ward was definitely not right.


  2. Great review! :) I agree, this episode was great! I'm really enjoying having Ward as a villain and I hope they keep him as one, for a while at least. Yes, I loved the part where Coulson geeked out! Reminded me of his excitement when he got to talk to Captain America. And yes, May and Coulson pretending to be tech-geeks was also hilarious(get ready for a large file transfer *shoves entire container out window*). I agree, the scene between May and Skye was also a nice one; I especially liked how May was determined to beat Ward up.
    Can't wait for tonight's episode! :D

    1. Thanks! :) I thought of that scene with Cap and Coulson as well. If you have not seen the finale, I am sure you are going to love it! :D


  3. ROTFLOL! Get some sleep, James!

    I really enjoyed this episode, mainly because of the hilarious Coulson geek-out moments. The best part of the show to me was when Coulson was starting to use Fitz's accent while talking to the Cybertek! Can't wait for tonight's episode! I can't believe it's the season finale already ;( But on the upside, Falling Skies starts back up soon enough. :)

    1. Sleep? Who needs sleep!? I need more caffeine. LOL :D I forgot to mention the accent part, that was one of my favorite parts as well!


  4. Firstly, excellent review, James, secondly, the falling asleep part was quite funny. I personally liked the episode (despite Ward pulling a Loki on Fitzsimmons, and the fact that the episode just stopped), but it was nice. I loved Coulson freaking out about the gadgets. One second it was all about the plan then it was, 'My goodness, is that [insert gadget name here]. I also liked how Fitz set the curtains on fire, that was funny.
    I agree with you, the guy didn't really look like Ward, but he did a good job nonetheless. I think this was a great episode, and a great lead-in to the finale. Which I can't believe how good it was.
    Thanks for the link, by the way! Also, once again, excellent review, James!


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