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Top 50 Fictional Couples: Part 3

Today is Valentine's Day and that signals the conclusion of my Top 50 Favorite Fictional Couples. Please enjoy and let me know what you think of my extremely geeky list.

At Number 14: The Doctor and Rose Tyler
Sorry River, Rose is the Doctor's best pairing. While I prefer the Doctor having a platonic relationship with his companions, the romance developed between The Doctor and Rose was very well done. David Tennant's Doctor probably had the best chemistry with Billie Piper's Rose than any other companion and she was The Doctor's first romantic interest.  

At Number 13: Master Chief and Cortana
OK, this is far from the traditional "romance" because Cortana is a sentient artificial intelligence and Master Chief is basically the future version of Captain America. If you have played the Halo series, particularly Halo 4, it should be obvious as to why they are on the list. 

At Number 12: Revan and Bastlia
Another couple from the Star Wars universe, Revan and Bastlia first appeared in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game, but unfortunately, I cannot say more without spoiling the plot for the game.

At Number 11: Luke and Mara
Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade had instant chemistry on the pages of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn book trilogy. Although non-Star Wars have never heard of the couple since Mara has yet to make an appearance in any form of media except for a few video games, maybe there is a slight chance that Mara and Luke will be featured in the upcoming Star Wars trilogy!

At Number 10: Steve and Peggy
Captain America: The First Avenger did an excellent job of taking a little used character, Peggy Carter, and expanding her role into one of Marvel's best romantic interests. I am curious to see what will happen with Cap and Peggy in the upcoming Winter Soldier! 

At Number 9: Cobb and Mal (Inception)
Cobb and Mal are the definition of a troubled relationship. Not only did Mal *Inception Spoilers* kill herself because Cobb made her believe she was still dreaming, she haunts his subconscious and nearly ruins the mission or did she succeed? It is far from a happy ending. * Inception Horn Music*  *End of Spoilers*  

At Number 8: Lelouch and C2 (C.C.) or Shirley (Code Geass)
The debate between C2 (green hair on the left) and Shirley on who Lelouch's true pairing should be in Code Geass is similar to that of Gwen vs. MJ with the Spider-Man franchise. Both have great chemistry with Lelouch, however C2 is my pick all the way. Shirley is great but I liked C2 from the start. By the way, Shirley is not dead in that picture, so no spoilers.

At Number 7: Joker and Harley
Not exactly a nice relationship, considering that they are both deranged psychopaths. Harley is one of my favorite characters in the Batman universe and I wish Nolan had given us an adaptation of the character in his trilogy. Watch the episode "Mad Love" of Batman: The Animated Series to see more of this crazy couple. 

At Number 6: Indiana and Marion
While it's the first appearance of Harrison Ford on this list, it will certainly not be the last. During their first scene together, the audience can instantly see the history behind their relationship. On screen they are so much fun to watch, but let us please forgot about the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull because that never happened.

At Number 5: Shepard and Tali (or Liara)
This choice from the Mass Effect series needs some explaining for those who have not played the video game. In Mass Effect the player creates a character named Shepard and goes through the story making dialogue choices that affect the outcome of the game. If the play so chooses, he can exchange dialogue with the certain members of the squad and build a romantic relationship then. For me, Tali my choice from the start. She can not even remove her enviro-suit without risk of contracting a deadly disease, and she is so funny and awkward, and that is one of the many reasons why Tali is such a compelling character. After re-playing the game and romancing Liara from start to finish, Liara is an almost as compelling character with her own great character traits. 

At Number 4: Tomoya and Nagisa (Clannad/Clannad: After Story)
Clannad's portrayal of romance is the best and most realistic I have seen in any work of fiction, not just anime. Aside from Clannad and Clannad: After Story being the saddest work of fiction ever made, their romance was so well done that even I have to admit that I enjoyed watching it. If you want to see a funny, saddening, and satisfying comedy drama, watch Clannad and Clannad: After Story, they are classics of the medium! It is refreshing to see an entirely ethical relationship develop between Tomoya and Nagisa opposed to the usual norm that Hollywood shows in basically everything.

At Number 3: Peter and Gwen or Mary Jane
Since both film versions of Spider-Man had fantastic couples with Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst and Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, they are both included on this list. If I had to choose, I would pick Garfield and Emma Stone, although McGuire and Dunst were so great together as well! Also, the comic book versions are obviously classic. 

At Number 2: Tony and Pepper
Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts are one of the best cast couples of all-time. Believe it or not, in the comics Pepper was not Tony's romantic interest, she ended up marring Iron Man's head of security "Happy" Hogan. Despite this, it is possibly the best change ever made from comic to film because it works so well. They play off each other as if they have known each other for years and their on screen chemistry is virtually unmatched. Not only are they one of the best fictional couples, they are one of the funniest as well. 

At Number 1: Han and Leia
How could I choose anyone else but Han and Leia for the top spot? My favorite hero and heroine from all of fiction together, could it get any better? Their banter is hilarious as demonstrated by the Gifs below and their chemistry is fantastic. Hopefully Ford and Fisher can recapture that classic chemistry in the new Star Wars trilogy. They even had the best exchange of romantic dialogue in cinema history with. 
Leia: "I love you."
Han: "I know."
Ford even came up with that line on the spot. Also do not forget about the "Scruffy looking nurf herder." scene, both are clever and hilarious.

If you missed them, you can click on the links below to see the parts of the list.
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I know there were a few that could have made the list but just fell short like Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Who are your favorite Fictional Couples? Please comment below.

If you are looking for something to watch on Valentine's Day, I highly recommend Clannad and Clannad: After Story since the series is amazing. It starts out slow, but it ends up being hilarious with a lot of great characters. Both series are in the playlist below in order, or at least I think the playlist is in order.

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  1. #1 rocks. Just saying. Leia and Han are two of my favorite characters ever :) And of course, I love Rose and the Doctor, too (as well as Amy and Rory, who I saw was on your last list :)

    1. Thank you Hayden! I am glad we agree about Han and Leia, and the others. :)


  2. Awesome ending to the list!!! :D You have some great choices and I really like a lot of them(I agree, I loved the Doctor and Rose, so much better than the one with River). I added Clannad to my list and I think I'll start it today :). Some of my favorite fictional couples are- Obi-Wan Kenobi/Siri Tachi(Star Wars EU), Belle/Rumplestiltskin(Once Upon A Time), Qui-Gon Jinn/Tahl(Star Wars EU), Rose Tyler/The Doctor(Doctor Who), Dean Winchester/Castiel(Supernatural), and a few others(I made a list on my blog) :)
    I hope you have a good day :)

    1. Thank you! :D Yes, Rose is better than River, no question. Of the ones I know, good picks. :) I will have to go check out your list.


  3. While I'm not a big fan of romances between the Doctor and his Companions (I can't imagine the Third Doctor having a romance w/Jo Grant or Sarah Jane Smith) I agree that Tennant & Piper did work well together (even if she did become a bit whiny & clingy by the end).

    1. I am not a fan of the Doctor having a romance either, and I hope he does not have another romantic relationship in the future; at least for a while. And I agree Rose was whiny and clingy at the end.


  4. THE DOCTOR AND ROSE ALL THE WAY. So far I love their relationship and romance WAAAY more than what I've seen with River.

    Cob and Mal; what a devastating romance but it is one of the best and more unique relationships I've seen in films!

    I'm Garfield and Stone all the way!! :D



    Great list! I liked seeing how many anime couples you actually had this time around! :D


    1. YES! Rose will always be better than River!

      As expected, we agree on most things! :)

      Thank you! From what I have seen in anime, it knows how to balance a romance as a subplot without negatively affecting the overall story, which live-action TV and movies rarely accomplish effectively. And that is one of the reasons why there was so many anime couples on the list. Actually, I doubt I would have been able to make a list this long without anime. :)


  5. I officially think Han and Leia were the best, a scoundrel and a princess together in the best of systems. Indiana and Marion are second and who knows what anyone thinks if the Doctor would ended up to Rose Tyler

    I could imagine the fans shock when they are mated together.

    1. I am glad to see that we are in agreement about Han and Leia are the best, and that Indy and Marion are among the best. Thanks for the comment!


  6. i totally agree about your last two choices
    great job on the list by the way


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