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Top 50 Fictional Couples: Part 2

Here is the continuation of my Top 50 Fictional Couples. The list can include any couple from a fictional work whether it be a novel, film, comic book, or TV series. On a side note, if you do not hear from me in a while, assume that I have lost electricity because I will be getting a lot of ice that could potentially knock out the power. 

At Number 34: Batman and Catwoman or Talia Al Ghul
I could not decide between Batman and Catwoman or Batman and Talia Al Ghul, so I decided to include them both on the list. Although Bruce Wayne even married Talia in the comics, Catwoman is a better more likable match for the Caped Crusader.

At Number 33: Superman and Lois
Superman and Lois Lane are the original super-couple. How could one make a couples list and not include Superman and Lois? The classic Richard Donner film certainly executed the romance aspect better than any other adaption to date, but thanks to the mediocrity of Man of Steel's portrayal of the iconic couple, their on ranking on the list has fell a few places since last time.
Was there any chemistry between these two?

At Number 32: Aragorn and Awren
Although Aragorn and Awren's relationship was given an unnecessary focus in the movies compared to the the books, it nevertheless worked well in the film. 

At Number 31: Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey
While the movie version of Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) and Jean Grey were given the shaft, they are a core part of the X-Men in the comics. Their relationship is a driving force behind many classic X-Men comic runs like the Phoenix Sage. 

At Number 30: Bruce (The Hulk) and Betty
While the Incredible Hulk could have been better, the Bruce and Betty romance was done rather well, and of course the comics did it best.

At Number 29: Bruce Wayne and Andrea Beaumont
Out of all Bruce Wayne's romantic interests, Andrea Beaumont from the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm movie is easily my favorite. She was original to the film and was never in the comics but despite her short part, she made a big impression. 

At Number 28: Shiki and Mikiya (Kara no Kyōkai)
Among the complex plot, gore, and heavy philosophy of the Kara no Kyōkai film series, there was a surprising strong romantic subplot that never gets in the way of the main plot. Nice guy Mikiya, always believes in split-personality psychopathic killer, Shiki, and the fact that the voice actors for the characters later married, doesn't hurt their chemistry either.

At Number 27: Okabe and Kurisu (Steins;Gate)
A mist the time-traveling twists and turns of the masterfully executed Steins;Gate series, Okabe's relationship with Kurisu was always a highlight that presented an equal amount of great humor and drama.

At Number 26: Joker and EDI (Mass Effect)
Quite possibly the strangest couple on the list considering that EDI is a highly advanced AI that inhabits both the Normandy spaceship and EDI's field mission body, and Joker that is the pilot of said spaceship, Joker and EDI are so hilarious together in Mass Effect 3, particularly when EDI is trying to understand human emotions.

At Number 25: Asuka and Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Despite the insanity that happened in End of Evangelion, Asuka and Shinji are my choice pairing from the Evangelion franchise. You could go with Shinji and Rei, but Asuka will always be my favorite.

At Number 24: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
Despite the heavy and obvious foreshadowing of their relationship throughout the Harry Potter franchise, they are an unforgettable pair with magical chemistry. 

At Number 23: Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Edward and Winry are such unique characters that bring something truly original to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a series that is already very original. 

At Number 22: Glenn and Maggie
While their relationship started out a little strange, Maggie and Glenn from The Walking Dead have really turned into one of my favorite couples in television. 

At Number 21: Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online)
Despite the hate that Sword Art Online receives, Kirito and Asuna remain one of my favorite couples from anime.

At Number 20: Logan and Mariko
The recent Wolverine film adapted Wolverine's classic Japanese storyline and along with it his romance with Mariko. Both the comic and film versions of the romance do an excellent job of giving Logan a convincing romance storyline.

At Number 19: John and Mary Watson
While I am including all adaptations of this couple, the recent portrayal of the John and Mary in BBC's Sherlock is my current favorite on screen portrayal.

At Number 18: Isaac and Miria (Baccano!)
Isaac and Miria's "romance" aspect of their relationship is not exactly shown much but they are the absolute best part of Baccano's complete insanity. There are one of the few characters that are so hilarious and over-the-top, yet actually have unique personalities. They are the most lovable pair of morons ever and that is why I like them, plus this scene below is positively hysterical! 

At Number 17: Wash and Zoe
Unlike many fictional couples, Wash and Zoe started out as married in Firefly, which was a refreshing twist to the usually annoying "will they, won't they" romantic stories.

At Number 16: Thor and Jane
While some may dislike Thor and Jane as a couple, I thought they were great together in the recent Thor film, and they were even better in The Dark World last year.

At Number 15: Amy and Rory
Not only are Amy and Rory my favorite companions from the Doctor Who series, they are one of the best, and most fun couples of any franchise.

What do you think of my list thus far? Please comment below and if you missed the first part of my list, you can click here to read it. Also be sure to check back tomorrow for my Ghost in the Shell review and Friday for the final part of my Valentine's Day special Top 50 Couples post series.

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  1. Great second part of the list! :) I like the ones I know of on this list and the ones I haven't do seem like ones I would most likely like and of the interesting variety, which has to exist for me to like a romance in a story. :)
    I'll have to check out some of those animes eventually, they look good from what I've read about them :).
    Looking forward to the rest of the list :).

    1. I hope you are okay with the ice storms happening where you live.

    2. Thank you! :) You would probably enjoy some of the anime ones, especially Shiki and Mikiya from Kara no Kyōkai since Shiki is a really cool female character.


  2. Hey i think the list is coming along great
    keep up the good work

  3. Man of Steel was such a disappointment--pretty much on all levels outside of it's artistic presentation.

    GLENN AND MAGGIE. OTP of The Walking Dead!!!

    And John and Mary are perfect. So perfect. And of course it is amazing that they're a real couple. :)

    While I thought Thor and Jane's relationship was developed fast, I adore them! I don't know why people dislike Jane or her and Thor being together. :(


    1. I agree with you for the most part, it was more like Meh of Steel!

      Agreed, they are the OTP of TWD! :D

      I know! They were so good together in season three of Sherlock! :)

      The Dark World really developed their relationship better than the first movie for sure, and I agree, I can't understand the hate.


  4. I disagree completely on Rory and Amy. She treated him badly throughout their time together: he waits a thousand years for her and she still makes googly-eyes at the Doctor. He was a wimp and she was, well, not a very nice lady.

    1. I expected that you would disagree with that pick, but you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that.


  5. Nice lists!
    I have to agree; I liked Asuna and Kirito, but they kinda ruined the end of the series. (They hurt Asuna AND made her a damsel in distress. She had had so much potential in the first few episodes, but she ended up becoming a typical tsundere. :/ ) But I still like them a lot!! Just...not from the later episodes. (I can't wait to finish my Asuna cosplay! I hope you'll like it!!)

    AGHHH I need to watch 'Baccano". Some friends said it was really good, so I should probably get to that. :P
    I should also watch Kara no Kyōkai. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T HEARD OF IT BEFORE! O.O


    1. Thank you!

      While I was not as bothered by the damsel in distress twist in SAO as others were, I agree it would have been if they decided not to go that route. I still have not seen the final episode of the series though, so I don't know how it turns out. I look forward to seeing that cosplay!

      Providing you don't mind a lot of gore, Baccano is great! It is short, but a lot of fun and overall entertaining. :)
      Kara no Kyōkai is an amazing film series, albeit one that is confusing to watch since the movies were intentionally released out of order. Even though the people that have seen the movies love them, they are not particularly popular because they have not had an English dub release. And the animation is amazing! If you want to know more about them, let me know. :)


  6. Yeah. Maybe if they had done it better, it wouldn't have bothered me, but I found it was really annoying; Asuna was said to be this awesome fighter and then BAM-they make her a damsel? What?? -_-
    Tell me what you think of the last few...erm...episodes. Yay! I hope you'll like it then.

    I don't mind gore, I've seen Hakuouki! THAT is pretty gory. :P
    Awesome! I watch a lot of subbed animes, so that won't bother me. I should watch it in the summer!


    1. I know, the series definitely would have been better without turning her into a damsel though.

      Cool, then you should enjoy Baccano. Also, definitely watch the English dub is a lot better than the sub because all of the characters are American anyway, and the series is free on Hulu I believe.

      I did forget to mention that Kara no Kyōkai can be difficult to find. But, a few anime streaming like the website I sent you earlier probably has it. :)


  7. Yup!

    Yeah! I usually use the English dub if there is one. :D
    Awesome! I'll check out Hulu!

    Coolness!! If I had any trouble finding it, I will ask you! ^_^


  8. Yes! EdWin's on the list! They're not my #1 FMA:B couple, but they're still pretty sweet together.

    I think I'd replace Kirito/Asuna with Roy/Riza (RoyAi) if this were my list.
    I liked KiriAsu (heh, asu means 'dog' in Javanese - and that's an insult) at first, but then SAO turned into a shonen stuffed with ecchi, harem, generic tsundere, perfect waifu, and Gary-Stu/Mary-Sue (Kirito is at least a borderline God-Mode Stu; Asuna is a borderline Mary-Sue). Besides, their relationship wasn't very well-developed IMO. I don't know how I managed to finish SAO without smashing my laptop.
    SAO's more or less my current punching bag in anime. I did enjoy the first episodes, but after that girl (spoiler filter) died, it went utterly downhill. I might write up a rant/review about it someday.

    I uh... prefer Thor/Sif to Thor/Jane. I don't really understand why, though it's probably because they're husband and wife in mythology.

    I don't remember Bruce marrying Talia in the comics (my memory's a bit hazy), but he did marry Selina in another universe, which resulted in Helena Wayne (Huntress). Bruce and Talia did have Damian, though.
    Oh... poor Clark and Lois. DC's destroyed their relationship in the New 52. He's with Diana now (eep!).
    Also, Scott's in a love triangle with Jean and Emma Frost in the comics. I don't follow Marvel's comics, so I don't know if it's resolved or not.

    *sigh* Most of my OTPs are ruined...


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