Saturday, February 22, 2014

Star Wars: Rebels New Trailers

The long awaited trailers for the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels animated series are here! Even though I am hoping beyond hope that this series is not going to suck since it still has the talent from The Clone Wars and other top animated shows from the past, I have a bad feeling about this. While I normally do not pass judgement on something for seeing it, I am not sure if Rebels is going to be anything more than a cash grab to sell toys to kids or is it going to be an awesome look into the darker times of the Star Wars universe like The Clone Wars was. My first impression of the art style is that it is a major step back compared to The Clone Wars, it is lower quality than rudimentary style of the Clone Wars' first season. Well, at least the character models are severely lacking with a cheap looking animation that looks as though it was made ten years ago! During the last few seasons of The Clone Wars, the animation positively amazing! Now we are getting this crap!? Hopefully they are not entirely finished with it yet. Maybe I should not be that disappointed since the series is airing on Disney XD (but they did air the Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers series, which were very good), therefore my expectations should be tempered. My number one question about Rebels right now is: Are people going to die? The Clone Wars had a higher body count than most series in general, not mention an epic triple decapitation in one episode. On a side note, my opinion of western animation has become cynical considering how far ahead Japan is than the rest of the world in producing high quality stories using the medium of animation. 

Here is the second teaser about the Rebellion, but the sling shot thing looks stupid! 

Thanks T.M. Hall for updating me on this yesterday on her blog. You can check out here post here.

What did you think of the teaser trailers? Please comment below and check back tomorrow for my review of The Walking Dead episode "Inmates"!

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  1. I agree-the animation is definitely a slight drop down from the awesomeness of the animation from Clone Wars (seriously, though, you could literally SEE the emotion in Ahsoka and Anakin's faces in that last episode). While I'm still not particularly happy with the decision to cancel Clone Wars, and replace it with this, I am worried about the basis of the series, which basically said before Luke, Leia and Han entered the fray-which makes no sense to me because Leia had a big part in founding the Rebellion. Either way, I'm hoping this series will be good, but I'm not holding my breath.
    Thanks for linking to my blog!

    1. True, Leia was an important part of the rebellion but if this series takes place in a different part of the galaxy, it is not improbable for her not to be involved, even if I wish she was in the series. But I agree with you on all other points. Hopefully the series will be better than expected.
      No problem!


  2. I just watched the new trailers. And pardon my saying this, but the animation looks like CRAP. Western animation is so far behind it actually embarrasses me. At first I was really hoping Rebels was going to be 2D animation, which I would actually prefer. I am trying not to be hasty, but Rebels just looks like you said, a cash grab instead of a decent continuation of the SW saga. All in all I just hope these trailers did not do the actual show justice.

    I miss The Clone Wars so much :(

    1. CRAP is exactly the word to describe the animation! I was also hoping that Rebels would be animated in 2D, especially after the cool concept art. Why can't we have an awesome Star Wars anime?

      Me too! :(



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