Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fight Like a Girl (Marvel Females Countdown Part 2)

Ashley returns with her second entry in her guest post series about the best females characters in Marvel.

Ashley Tara here! Part 2 of 3 of my Marvel Females Countdown guest posts features a lovable Intern, a sassy Asgardian, a woman of science, and a tough agent.

8. Darcy Lewis

A lot of people are torn whether or not they think Darcy is humorous to a fault (plain annoying) or a much needed character for comedy relief. I think she can tend to be a bit too overt at times, but for the most part I enjoy her character, especially in the first Thor movie. She's just a human (in a good way, though with an inclination toward tasers), worrying about her iPod songs and how to handle "cut homeless" gods dropping from the sky. She's not at this place on my list because she's necessarily strong, but she's a great character with memorable one-liners that add the needed laugh in the middle of all the gods and monsters. I'm also glad she found her perfect match in Ian the intern in The Dark World, I definitely ship that now. ;)

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7. The Lady Sif

Although we haven't seen as much of her character like the other Marvel ladies, Sif is a tough chick who royally kicks backside wherever she goes. She seemed to be inserted The Dark World more for looks and an underlying jealousy toward Jane Foster instead of for a more substantial part in the plot like in the first movie, so I hope her character gets a little more focus in the future sequel if they're going to go with that love triangle dynamic. Even still, she's a loyal friend and warrior, and I'm guilty of favoring her with Thor more than Jane. Also, her sword fitting into her shield is one of the coolest things ever.

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6. Jane Foster

I like Jane Foster, just not that much with Thor. Why do I say that? That's a whole other post in the making. (I don't like their relationship, meaning I tolerate it, because it has felt forced from the beginning to me) But like I said, I do like Jane on her own. She's a pretty and smart woman of science with a passion for what she does and the integrity to keep doing it. That alone I admire a lot, considering she has no "powers" or training other than her knowledge and her profession as an astrophysicist. She does not make brains look weak in any sense of the word. Along with her intern, she too has many humorous moments in both films and she is extremely loyal to Thor which is a quality I can definitely admire. 

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5. Agent Maria Hill

Maria Hill is exactly my personal favorite Marvel female, but number 5 on my list because the others are better qualified to be at the front! ;) Maria hill is strong in personality and conduct, being the vigilant, tough, and top agent under Fury's command during The Avengers. The alternate opening and ending of the movie actually featured narration from her point of view, which gave better insight into her character and how she learned to trust Fury. I love her no-nonsense attitude and her example as a capable leader and agent in a world filled with males. The pilot episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is still my favorite, mainly because of her cameo and interaction with post-death/Avengers Coulson. I can't wait to see more of her in the future, starting with The Winter Soldier in April!

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The final 4 coming your way soon!

Thanks Ashley for another great post!


  1. Great choices!! :D I love all the women in Marvel and these are definitely some of my top favorites- I love how they write strong, capable women that are different and varied. Now I just want Marvel to make a female-led superhero film :)

  2. I love Darcy!!!!! I think she's hilarious. lol. And I can agree with your point about Thor and Jane/Thor and Sif. I really like him with Sif; although I'm a bit more torn over who to ship;) lol.

    Great post!

  3. Neat! I like Sif a lot, and I wish they would show more of her... :/


  4. Personally like Lady Sif the most out of those on this part of the list, just because she's the closets thing to a a live action Wonder Woman currently out there....


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