Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Expendables 3 Trailer

The Expendables 3 teaser trailer is here, and while not much is shown, it is very well executed. In addition to the cast from the previous Expendables, Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson have been added to the cast. However, Bruce Willis will not be returning because he asked for way too much money and Stallone told him to take a hike, but it worked out in the end because Ford came on-board since Willis left. If you do not recognize the tune that is played, it is from the film The Bridge on the River Kwai, which is one of the best war movies ever made. The trailer itself only shows all of the actors walking out and standing there, but it is epic since many of those guys are action movie legends. What did you think? Please comment below and check back tomorrow for a big announcement with my 1000th Post.

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  1. That trailer was actually kind of kickbutt! The tune was so 'opposite' to what I was seeing that it worked. Hahahaha!!! I might have the kick the bucket and watch the other two because Harrison Ford being in this ones makes it too good not to see, me thinks.

    That's too bad about Willis, though. :( Oh well. *goes to see what Netflix is doing with the first Expendables.*


  2. So yeah, I need to see the first two, don't I? Cuz Harrison Ford AND Mel Gibson AND Antonio Banderas? I'm so there!

    Loved the use of the "Colonel Bogey March" to evoke the unsinkable attitude of The Bridge on the River Kwai! Brilliant

  3. Its dumb its stupid but I love it. Recently watched Escape Plan, more of the same.


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