Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Trailer

The highly anticipated teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is here! And almost nothing is actually shown. While Nolan is known for secretive teasers, this is taking it a bit too far. The teaser is okay, but very little real footage is shown from the film. On the other hand, the teaser for the Dark Knight Rises featured mostly old footage, and the Inception teaser did not show much either. What I expected was an innovative sci-fi thriller, and what we got was The Astronaut Farmer. In all seriousness, since Christopher Nolan's last original flick turned out to be one of the best movies ever made (Inception), I still have faith in Nolan to make a cool movie. Before any Nolanites go completely insane, to be clear, I thought the teaser was interesting, but not amazing. Regardless, you know I am going to watch the movie in theaters!
Before you go, my friend Jordan at RATH'S REVIEWS is hosting a poll where you vote for your Top 3 Movies of 2013 so Click here to take the survey and then comment with your thoughts on the trailer.

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  1. I have more faith in Nolan than almost anyone else in Hollywood these days. I agree the trailer was a bit lacking, but in all fairness, it is a year out. I just got chills from the possibilities:

    "That our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us because our destiny lies above us." Just thinking of that line, with Nolan's ideas gives me shivers.

    Also, it sounds like we will have another classic Hans Zimmer score with this one.

    Thanks for the link! And thanks to everyone who votes!!

    1. Nolan is one of my favorite directors around, and I hope he will do a good job for this one, but I can't wait for the full trailer.
      True, but I was hoping he had one completed scene to get us excited.

      Well, it would appear you were the only person to read and comment on this, which was unexpected. I figured there would be more. I will post your link again on over the weekend.


  2. Nolan has given us great tales before and although the trailer shows barely anything at all, I have a hope that this should prove good!!


  3. I fangirled so hard when this trailer played before The Hobbit: DoS. I have absolute belief in Nolan and cannot wait to see this!


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