Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day of the Doctor Countdown!

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is upon us and with it, the highly anticipated Day of the Doctor 50th Anniversary special premiering tonight! To celebrate I have several cool Doctor Who related videos, including How It Should Have Ended version of Doctor Who and a video about Doctor Who's iconic theme. Tomorrow I will most likely have a first impressions post with my initial thoughts on the episode. 

Below are two hilarious Doctor Who videos by HISHE. If you have not seen the episode, "Doomsday," spoilers are ahead.

Here is one of my favorite webseries on Geek and Sundry Vlogs. On each episode of the vlog, they make their own rendition of different main themes from various geeky things and give out unique information on the theme's background and inception. 

For whatever reason, you cannot watch this video unless you click on the link to the video and watch it on YouTube. This is a mini-webisode shows us how the 9th Doctor, Paul McGann, turned into John Hurt's "War-Doctor," who is apparently the Doctor from the Time War. Seeing McGann return was nice and this surprising dark tale is a rather cool setup to the Day of the Doctor special later today. 

Will you be watching the 50th Anniversary special? If not tonight, when will you be watching?

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  1. Awesome videos!! :D Really enjoyed them!! :D And I am hoping to get to watch the 50th Anniversary episode this Friday. :D.
    I LOVED those two videos by "How it Should Have Ended", very hilarious! XD It was so great how, in the Doomsday one, the Doctor kept popping back and I liked the whole things where River went by saying her signature quote; the Doctor talking with Superman and Batman was awesome as well- "How did you get in here!?", "I'm BATMAN!" as well as the whole thing about Amy and Rory.
    The one about the song was great too, though it was sad to hear that the lady who put the song together didn't get credit until years later :(.
    I saw the last video the other day and it was really good- pretty neat to see one of the old Doctors in a video , and Paul McGann did a very good job in the role, and made me interested in seeing more of him.

  2. I sat through both HISHE videos. the supercafe fortunately had captions and it was great! One of the best! The biggest Whovian I know watched the Doomsday video and said afterwards that it really is very hilarious. Looking forward to being able to hear it my self...


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