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Coming Soon: August 2013

Hello once again everybody! Jordan from Rath's Reviews here for another edition of Coming Soon. Let's recap July real quick (click on the titles for my reviews):

Despicable Me 2: An absolute delight and a better animated offering than what Pixar gave us this year. Also one of the funniest movies so far. (Rath's Review Score: 8.5/10)
The Lone Ranger: Not the best movie of the summer by a mile, but still a fun trip to the theaters. The critics definitely missed the mark on this one. (RRS: 7/10)
Grown Ups 2: Didn't review this one and it seems like that was a good call. Panned by both critics and audiences
Pacific Rim: Seeing this in IMAX 3D was an insane experience. Big, dumb, loud...Pacific Rim had everything you needed to make you feel like a kid again. (RRS 9/10)
Turbo: Another film I didn't review, but from the general consensus it didnt sound like anything special. 
The Conjuring: An expertly crafted, old-school horror film that was actually good. And that's coming from someone whos least favorite genre is horror. (RRS 8.5/10)
R.I.P.D.: Another movie that was far too bashed by the critics. Nothing special by any means, it ended up being a somewhat fun, but forgettable comic book adaptation (RRS 5.5/10)
RED 2: Another "fun" time at the theaters. RED 2 didn't do anything new, but it was a good time. (RRS 7.5/10)
Only God Forgives: The most disappointing trip to the movies I have ever had, and I was one of Drive's biggest fans. I will be renting (at best) Refn's next films. (RRS 2/10)
The Wolverine: X-men fans and Wolverine fans rejoice because this was a vast improvement over Origins and is nearly flawless until the third act. (RRS 8/10)

Most Disappointing: Only God Forgives
Most Surprising: The Conjuring
Worst Movie: Only God Forgives
Best Movie: Pacific Rim

Remember to click the title of each movie for its trailer!!

Why It's Worth Seeing: For starters, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. The plot looks interesting enough and the trailer indicates that it could be pretty funny as well. Could be a lot of fun...
What Could Go Wrong: Sometimes with films like this, the star power masks the flaws. It could have a terrible script, plot, etc and people will flock to it simply because of Denzel and Wahlberg.

Why It's Worth Seeing: The trailer is one of the funniest I have seen in a long time. This could be the surprise R-rated comedy of the year and it's certainly packing some funny star power. 
What Could Go Wrong: If all the funny parts are in the trailer, basically the only reason to see this one will be Jennifer Aniston stripping. Count on this to either be "meh" or "hilarious". 

Why It's Worth Seeing: Rath's Reviews has yet to give a "10/10 -- Instant Classic" score to a new release in 2013. If I were a betting man I would say that Elysium will be the first. All of the previews indicate a smart, intense, and awesome sci-fi classic.
What Could Go Wrong: If it's light on the action or overdoes the action it could be an issue. Since it's Neill Blomkamp directing (District 9), I have an incredible amount of faith in that not being the case.
Why It's Worth Seeing: The story of the man who changed the world is certainly an interesting one. And Kutcher was pretty much born to play this role since they look so similar.
What Could Go Wrong: Early reviews indicate that the movie isn't all that great. I think it really all depends on how it paints Steve Jobs. The man DID change the world and give us amazing technology, but he was also a huge jerk. If the film ignores that aspect then it's probably not worth seeing.

Why It's Worth Seeing: This could be a powerhouse at the Oscars. The tale of a butler who served multiple Presidents during some of the most important times in the country sounds really intriguing and there is a ton of star power attached to the film.
What Could Go Wrong: I love Oprah, but she is also attached to this film and usually when Oprah is involved it is ENTIRELY about race. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I feel like given the synopsis of the plot that race issues should be one of many issues throughout the movie. If it's all about race I'm not sure it will be as compelling as it could be.

Why It's Worth Seeing: The first Kick-Ass was fantastic. To this day, it is still the most [pleasantly] surprised trip to the movies I have ever had. If you can get past the extreme violence, copious amounts of language, and the fact that it's kids doing all of these naughty things, there is a comic-book classic to be had here. Kick-Ass 2 is hopefully more of the same.
What Could Go Wrong: Matthew Vaughn, who directed the first one (as well as X-Men First Class), is only producer on this one. If the spirit of the first doesn't carry over to this sequel, it could be a pretty rough ride. Trailers are indicating that's not the case though. Count this as one of my most anticipated for the remainder of the year.

Why It's Worth Seeing: Simon Pegg comedies have a pretty good rap-sheet with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Early reviews are indicating that this is just as funny as those were.
What Could Go Wrong: Pegg's comedy is fairly...niche (i.e. British). Personally, I don't find it hilarious. It makes me laugh, but I'm never about to pee my pants about any of it. The World's End looks to continue the Brit-comedy trend and could alienate audiences that maybe just don't "get it".

Why It's Worth Seeing: Early reviews are pretty stellar, making me think that this may be The Conjuring's biggest competition for best horror film of the year. If it can make us scream with those animal masks rather than laugh at them, look for this one to be a hit.
What Could Go Wrong:'s a horror movie so pretty much everything. It could delve into the stupid territory, turn out to be torture porn, or just be super weird. It's hard to make a classic "slasher" flick. You have to hold your audience in a world between terror and dark comedy, which is far easier said than done.

Why It's Worth Seeing: For some inexplicable reason, I have a good feeling about this film. The trailer is fairly standard and indicates a standard plot, but I'm really intrigued by the duo of the excellent Ethan Hawke and the newcomer, Selena Gomez. Call it a gut feeling, but I think there might be something special hidden in this one.
What Could Go Wrong: That gut feeling could just be my puppy crush on Selena Gomez and the movie could end up being garbage. It's one of those early fall action movies that are hoping to catch the tail end of the summer audiences. Last year it was Joseph Gordon Levitt's Premium Rush...and that was pretty darn forgettable.

And there you have it! These are the movies I'll be keeping an eye on during the month of August! Please remember to come over to Rath's Reviews and follow me either through Blogger or on the Facebook page. Reviews for most all of these movies will be there after their release dates! I would LOVE to have your support because you guys are already AWESOME supporters to James' stellar blog.

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  1. Elysium and The Butler look pretty cool.... :)

    1. I'm a little worried about the Butler, but there might be a real treasure with Elysium!

  2. I'll probably catch Elysium on DVD. The only August releases I'm really interested in seeing in the theater are "Paranoia" and "Planes," though I'll only be seeing the latter because my kids love "Cars" and I'm hoping "Planes" might be a movie I can finally take them to see in the theater. But I'll have to see it first myself, as they're only 3 and 5.

    1. I'd be wary of Planes. It seems like a complete cash grab to me. If you want a good animated film, I'd suggest last month's Despicable Me 2.

  3. Great rundown of this past month's film's and the upcoming slate. There's a handful I'm excited about to wrap up summer, World's End, Kick Ass 2 and Elysium are probably at the top of my list.

    1. Thanks, Daniel. You and I have very similar tastes seeing how Elysium and Kick Ass 2 are both some of my most anticipated for the rest of the year.

      I'm looking forward to World's End, just not sure if it will be funnier than This is the End...

  4. Great post, Rath.

    I agree about Only God Forgives being the most disappointing movie of this summer. It even makes Man of Steel look better by comparison.


    1. I rather liked Man of Steel other than the over abundance of action. But Only God Forgives was just heartbreaking for me. I'm even going to have to wait a while to watch Drive again because I fear it might have affected it me THAT much.

      Thanks for the comment, B2B!!

  5. I had my doubts about Pacific Rim, it didn't look like it would be good. But yours is the second review which put it as fun. I am planning on seeing it, probably with my brother when it goes to the little theater in town. It looks like it might be a bit exaggerated, but I've always liked movies like that.

    I LOVED Despicable Me 2. I laughed through nearly the whole thing and Lucy was a surprisingly fun character. I am planning on buying it as soon as possible.

    Glad to hear that about The Wolverine. It is on my friends and I's to watch list. We're X-Men fans, though it still takes me awhile to get everything going on in them.

    I really want to see World's End, but I love British movies, actors...humor. I get ti more than American. And Simon Pegg is one of my favouritest actors. I loved him in Mission Impossible 4 and Star Trek. (Also, his friend is in it, Nick Frost I believe his name is. They are supposed to be very funny together.) And it has Martin Freeman, and his expressions alone make me laugh.

    1. Pacific Rim is completely exaggerated but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Definitely worth a look.

      And YES! Despicable Me 2 was hilarious. Glad you liked it.

      As X-Men fans, I'd be willing to bet you will like the Wolverine.

      I like Simon Pegg as well and I even like his other movies. I find them really funny, just not as funny as some other people. But to each his own when it comes to comedy!

  6. I could never get past the violence in Kick-Ass. Not being a comic book reader, I did not know its origins and was led to believe I was going into a comedy. Seeing a pre-teen girl beaten and beating others (among other things) filled me w/sadness and horror. As such, I am one of those NOT anticipating the sequel.

    On that film (and its sequel) we simply couldn't be further apart.

    1. Fair enough. That's really as good as reason as any to not like it and I'm sure it was shocking going in (I know it was for me too). Roger Ebert was one of the few critics who HATED the first Kick-Ass for pretty much that reason alone, so you are in good company.

      Thanks for the comment!

  7. I feel your pain with regards to Only God Forgives, It almost seemed like after all the mainstream praise he received for Drive Refn decided to drop his pants and chuck us all the bird. Easily my most disappointing film of the year so far.

    1. Seriously though! It was SO bad that I'm almost wondering if he purposefully made it bad. Like the attention from Drive was too much for him? One of the oddest follow up films I've seen ever. Goes from an absolute classic (in my eyes) to one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

      If that was his goal then he succeeded. I will never again go out opening weekend to a Refn film.


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