Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Avengers TV Series Part 1.

As I have said in yesterday's post, not only is Joss Whedon writing and directing The Avengers 2 he will be making a TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although it would highly unlikely that many of the cast from The Avengers would make an appearance in the TV series, except for maybe a cameo. Although the series will be set in the same universe as The Avengers, that does not necessarily mean that it will influence the movies. had a few possible comics Whedon could make a TV series about and I will give my opinion of what I think he should make.


*Warning Avengers Spoiler* If Agent Coulson had not have died, Clark Gregg could have stared in a TV series about S.H.I.E.L.D. *End of Spoilers* Cobie Smulders, who played Maria Hill in The Avengers, could star in a S.H.I.E.L.D. series but she is currently on a TV named "How I Met Your Mother", which she is signed on for at least the next year. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that a S.H.I.E.L.D. series would be made because of the high budget.

Damage Control
Now Damage Control could actually work as a TV series. Damage Control is a construction company that specializes in repairing damage caused by superpowered beings. The cast would be mostly human but a few guest appearances from The Avengers or other Marvel could make their way onto the series. Most likely the series would be very comical, considering Whedon's ability to write witty humor and create a team dynamic, it would seem a good fit. Plus the series would not have to have a large budget to work.


Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner aka The Hulk, received a blood transfusion from her cousin, which turned her into the She-Hulk. However, she does not loose control of her powers like the Hulk but is not near as strong as the Hulk. It would seem very difficult to make the series because She-Hulk would have to be a CGI character or paint the actor in green skin, which would not really work. Also She-Hulk is a lawyer and the series might be a crime drama as well. I really hope this never ends up happening.
Young Avengers
The only real reason this could be a possible choice, is that it has the word "Avengers" in the title, which would be a good marketing ploy. However, I have read a couple of Young Avengers issues, including the origin, and it would be very difficult to make into a series, unless it is changed drastically from the comic. First the series would have to introduce Kang the Conqueror, time travel, and many other things that just do not fit into the current Marvel Universe at this time.

Although Joss Whedon has already made two TV series about Vampires, it is unlikely that would try to make a Blade and I very much hope that he does not make the series. There has already been a failed live-action Blade TV series and the character is really not that interesting.

What do you think? Please comment below and check back tomorrow for part 2.

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  1. What?? Whoa!!!!

    I'm kinda not excited though if it doesn't have the Avenger's cast, I wish Marvel would build on the characters they've got and not introduce too many more new ones. On the other hand though, I will say if the show has Maria Hill acted by Cobie- I'm all for it! LOL!
    I don't think Phill died, btw. THE SON OF COUL LIVES!

  2. @Kayla: Maybe Phil didn't die, that could be really cool. :) Thanks the comment! :D


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