Monday, August 13, 2012

Interview With Kayla.

Today's interview is with Kayla at Jedi Filmmaker. Her answers are in blue.

What is your opinion of the Star Wars Prequels? And why do you think so many people hate them so much?
Well, there are things I like about the SW prequels and somethings I don't like. I liked the prequels because I got to see more take place in the SW universe, and it's awesome seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi as a young man. One thing I don't exactly like about them though, is I don't think RotS flows very well into ANH. It kinda jumps from one time period to another and they don't really seem to connect. I think people hate the prequels probably because the majority of people grew up with the Trilogy or the Clone Wars. And I don't think I can exactly speak for anyone other than me, but I found it hard to connect with Anakin, or sympathize with him like I could with Luke. I think identifying your-self with a films hero is a important part of story-telling, but the prequels Anakin kinda lacks personality.

Why do you think so many people hate Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker?
I wasn't aware people did hate Mark as Luke!!! I have no idea why though! I think Mark played Luke very well, and I can't imagine Luke Skywalker being acted by anyone else!!!
What is your opinion of 3D movies, amazing or pointless?
I like 3D, I think it's amazing. I think it's a awesome way to make watching a movie you've already seen something new.

What is your opinion of Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe)? Do you believe it should be considered cannon?
I don't like EU, it really just kinda ruins my favorite characters. I don't approve of random authors taking the characters and universe I adore and making them do stupid things or pairing them up with stupid pairs!!! I certainly don't think it's cannon!!! I really dislike the direction EU took the Skywalker and Solo family's after RotJ. I've read a little EU and while some books may capture the attitudes of the characters and put them in believable situations, the overall direction of EU makes me sick. Like Han wouldn't desert Leia and his family when Chewie died, in my opinion. Sure he would of been mad, but come on!!!! Why would you make him do that? ...No actually, maybe we should just say right now that Chewie should of never died!!! Why would you do that to him?? Or the way Obi-Wan has like six or more girl-friends in EU. That's just outrageous. It's like blackening his good name or something. It gives me the feeling EU is just a outlet for authors to take the Star Wars characters and make them do what they want, and then it get's called cannon. It's crazy.

Do you like or dislike Anakin in the Prequels?
Dislike more than like. He's really pretty whiny, he's a creep around Padme, and he doesn't listen to Obi~Wan. That's a big one: his attiutde about Obi~Wan. Obi~Wan was his master and it's terrible the way Anakin complains about Obi-Wan behind his back! :( I don't agree with people who say he was the best Jedi, he gets at least 5 limbs hacked off during the duration of the movies, he looses his lightsaber once, and for being a Jedi, his emotions blast way out of the roof! I definintely prefer the Clone Wars Anakin over the prequel one.

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  1. Nice answers :) I personally like the EU

  2. Yay for my sister and I agree with nearly everything. I also basically despise most of the EU...


  3. Thanks for interviewing me, James!!! I think the last two questions are really fun!


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