Friday, August 17, 2012

Expendables 2 Released Today!

The Expendables 2 has been released in theaters today. Although I do not plan to watch the movie in theaters, it should be good to rent. From the reviews so far, it is better than the first Expendables, but still full of cheesy dialogue and bad acting that you would expect.  However, the action is awesome and it has just about every action movie star from the 80s and a few from the 90s. Below I will be listing my favorite movies from each of the main action hero cast of The Expendables 2.

Bruce Willis
Favorite Movies: Die Hard, Red,

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favorite Movies: Terminator 1 and 2, Predator

Sylvester Stallone
Favorite Movies: Rambo: First Blood

Chuck Norris
Favorite Movie: Delta Force

 What are your favorite movies of these actors? And who os these is your favorite actor?

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  1. I've only seen Bruce Willis in Die Hard but he was awesome there. Same with Arnold, I still haven't seen Terminator 2 yet (hopefully soon) Now, I've seen Stallone is five of the Rocky movies and I just saw First Blood last week (really liked that movie by the way.) I've not seen Chuck Norris in anything yet.

    I really like all three of these actors, but I think my favorite would Stallone simply because I've seen him as Rocky over five times and than he was amazing in First Blood (he's also pretty cute, lol).


  2. I've seen these guys the same as Jamie has, except I haven't seen as many Stallone films as she has. :) My favorite of the three has to be Bruce Willis!!!! (And I love Die Hard so much!) I think this movie will be good, it's almost like the Avengers the way their bringing tough famous guys together to smash glass and shoot guns XDD LOL! It'll probably be really good for Liam Hemsworth's career too. Schwarzenegger was intimidating in Terminator but I haven't seen him as a good guy yet.
    But yeah, Willis is the best of the three I think, and I like him most. :D

  3. @Jamie: I think my favorite would be Willis for Die Hard and the other I have seen him in but Stallone is definitely second. :) Glad you liked First Blood, it has been one of my favorite since I was a kid. Also Chuck's movie "Delta Force" is not really a good movie, it just was the only average movie I have seen him in.

    @Kayla: Willis is my favorite too. :D Yeah it is like The Avegners for older action heroes. Now all they need are Ford, and Eastwood. :D
    I think you will ike Arnold in Terminator 2, although he is not really much of an actor. LOL


  4. Oh, oh!!! And it would be cool if Tommy Lee Jones joined em'!! XDDD

  5. I heard Chuck Norris really kicks some butt in this movie, too funny. Enjoyed Willis in Die Hard as well. Loved Schwarzenegger in Predator, Last Action Hero, and Total Recall. My favorite Stallone movie is probably Demolition Man.


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