Friday, August 3, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Short Review.

Because by long spoiler free review of The Dark Knight Rises was not quite as successful as I had previously expected, I this is a shorter version of the review with a few different thoughts about it. If you have not read my full review of The Dark Knight Rises please click on this link to read it and comment.

Thoughts: As I have previously stated in my review for The Dark Knight Rises, it was a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. The new characters that were introduced worked well in the plot and Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle gave a surprisingly excellent performance. The action was far superior to just about anything from the other Nolan Batman movies and the special effects were excellent. Although Bane cannot be compared to The Joker, he was the villain that they needed for this movie. The Dark Knight Rises took an almost Marvel approach to the movie, with focusing on the main hero at more of a personal level than previous Batman movies. The character were a lot more likable and relatable than previous installments, which made it easier to be invested in the characters. Also this was the most comic book-y of the Nolan Batman movies. The first 12 hours after coming out of the theater and writing my previous review, I loved the movie and I found it extremely enjoyable in terms of entertainment. However, after thinking about the movie's plot there were some leaps in logic that the audience had to make and a few kind of silly moments that felt out of place in the more realistic world that Nolan has created. Despite a few problems, I found the movie to be very entertaining to watch and I was invested in it from beginning to end.

The Good: Perfect conclusion, Fantastic Hans Zimmer Score, Top notch action scenes, Shocking plot twists, Excellent performances and cast, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle was great, Epic story, Impressive action set pieces, Great special effects,

The Bad:

Overall: 9.8/10- Although I can overlook a few flaws for the overall enjoyment of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises is an excellent movie with great direction and some strong themes throughout the movie.

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  1. I'll read your full review after we watch the movie. ;) I really want to see this so bad!!!! It sounds like such a good ending!!!


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