Friday, November 11, 2011

Top 5 War Movies.

Today is Veterans Day and it is a time to honor the brave men and women who gave their lives to keep our great country free. We are not including Captain America in the list but if we were it would be number 1.

Here is our Top 5 All Time War Movies.

At Number 5: Sergeant York
Unlike most war movie Sergeant York is a character story about Alvin York but if I say anything else it will spoil the plot. click on the link below to read the review.

At Number 4: Saving Private Ryan
The opening D-Day in Saving Private Ryan one is an amazing scene if only the movies had a realistic plot it would have been the best war movie ever.

At Number 3: The Great Escape
The Great Escape is the ultimate escapist movie and one of the best war movies.

At Number 2: The Dirty Dozen
The Dirty Dozen is a very original war movie and had an all star cast of Hollywood tough guys.

At Number 1: Kelly's Heroes.
It is rare for a movie to be some many different genres all at once but pulls it magnificently. It is a war, comedy, adventure and action movie all at the same time. Kelly's Heroes also had so many memorable quotes. Kelly's Heroes had everthing and it is one of the best movies of all time. Please tell us if you seen it.

What are your favorite War movies? Please post a comment.

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