Sunday, November 20, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Episodes: "Darkness on Umbara", "The General", "Plan of Dissent" and "Carnage of Krell" Story Arc Reivew.

Thoughts: Since the episode "Rookies" I have liked most episodes about the Clones but the recent "Darkness on Umbara" story arc really set the bar high with possibly the best story arc ever for The Clones Wars. The past few episodes have really gotten you into the psyche of the Clones. The tone of the episodes are a lot darker than past ones, which is good because The Clones Wars is at its best when it is dark. The series is also really pushing the the "TV PG" rating with more brutal kills and the Clones show no mercy. The animation and voice acting is also a lot better than previous episodes. The new Phase 2 Clone helmets look great and the overall look of the Clones is dirtier and more detailed. And every Clone has a unique look to him. The new General Krell is a very interesting character with a dark secret.

The Good: A lot darker than any other episodes, Amazing action scenes, Excellent voice acting by the Clones,  Shocking plot twist, A few bone chilling moments, Everything,

The Bad:

Plot: 10/10- This is the best The Clones Wars episodes we have ever seen, The plot has shocking and you felt the lose of every Clone that die, The story may even rival the prequel movies.

Action: 9.6/10- The action was some of the best in the series and last action scene was amazing.

Acting: 10/10- The voice acting for the Clones was perfect. They all sounded the same but there was a difference in the tone they said it so you knew who said it.

Art Style: 9.8/10- Everything looked amazing.

Overall: 10/10- The Darkness on Umbara Story Arc is the best story arc ever for The Clones Wars.

Closing comments: The story was shocking and amazing it wasn't been a better time to a Star Wars fan.


  1. Yes, these were incredible episodes from the Clone Wars team. I'd also rate the entire arc a 10 out of 10.

  2. Oh!! Makes me want to get these episodes as soon as possible! :)
    Have to agree with you on the best episodes being the ones with the clones in them.


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