Monday, September 5, 2016

Loot Crate - Dream Crate!

A week or so ago, the fine people over at Loot Crate asked me to write about my "Dream Crate!" Basically, about things I would want to receive in my own Loot Crate box. For those of you who don’t already know, Loot Crate is a monthly mail subscription service who deliver a mystery box containing a variety of geek and gamer related items pop culture items. Which is awesome!

For my "Dream Crate," the theme would be "Space Adventure!" So any space related franchise is welcome to squeeze in.

Alien Franchise T-Shirt
Every Loot Crate needs an awesome t-shirt, right? For my Dream Crate, an exclusive t-shirt from the Alien franchise would be amazing! It could feature a unique artistic design of the Xenomorphs or just about anything else from the films; it’s all awesome. You just do not see enough Alien shirts, so that would be a unique addition.

A Star Wars Comic Book
Marvel has been releasing some very well received Star Wars comics lately. Including any one of the issues from the new Marvel's Star Wars comic book selection would be a great way to get me and others hooked on an enjoyable new story.

Firefly Poster
Everyone needs more Firefly merchandise, am I right!? And I'd love to have a "shiny" new Firefly poster on my wall. It could be a more artistic, minimalist poster, or something more traditional; any type of Firefly poster would do, honestly.

Guardians of the Galaxy Figure
Even though the figure does not have to be a Funko POP, like in the picture, any type of figure from the film would be a great addition to my Dream Crate. Who doesn't want a little Groot or Rocket Raccoon figure to show off on their desk or shelf?

"See you Space Cowboy..." Decal
"See you Space Cowboy..." is a phrase you'll see at the end of an episode of the critically acclaimed Cowboy Bebop. A decal of the famous quote is a small yet great addition to the Dream Crate. I could think of a dozen places I could put it! 

Gundam Mystery Figure
Mobile Suit Gundam is one of my latest obsessions, and those mecha robot suits in the franchise look so impressive. Receiving something like a mystery bag/box with a random Mobile Suit from any of the various series would be exciting since you never know which one you'll get!

Free-For-All: Assorted Keychain,  Lanyards, ect. from Star Trek, Halo, or other space franchises 
As with most Loot Crates, there’s an assortment of various smaller items, such as a keychain, lanyards, or other things. A few examples might be a Star Trek keychain, a Halo lanyard, or even a Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf! Half the fun of Loot Crate is the surprise of just not knowing what you’ll find inside, so I want to leave an element of surprise in mine! Especially since Loot Crate does a great job including trinkets and items that you never really think to buy but are cool to have when you get them. 

That concludes my Dream Crate rundown! What do you think? What would be in yours; what’s your preferred theme? Let me know in the comments below and if you want to know more about Loot Crate, be sure to check out their website by clicking here.

If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to


  1. Man, I wish there were a movie version of this lol! I'd be all for that!

  2. Have you watched Killjoys, it has a nice Firefly vibe, not nearly as good but what is?

  3. I like this idea of mystery box subscriptions, and I'd love a Classic Hollywood or western-themed box!

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