Friday, February 5, 2016

Romance Movies on Netflix

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, so if you are in the mood for a romance movie on Netflix, use the flowchart below to find the romance movie for you. ProFlowers emailed me this interesting flowchart of romance movies on Netflix to post on J and J Productions! For fun, please comment below with the romance movie that the flowchart ends on for you. For me, it ended on Roman Holiday, which is certainly a great one! And please note that I have not seen all of, or even most, of these movies, so be aware of that. Otherwise, hope you enjoyed the flowchart and comment on what movie you ended on. 

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  1. Mine also ended on Roman Holiday (a true classic), but for me, Casablanca will always be THE romance movie to end all romance movies. Always.

    1. Can't disagree with you there! Casablanca is a classic, and one of the best.


  2. I got 13 Going On 30 which I had admittedly never watched. Maybe I should. Although one of my favorite movies is on this list. Silver Linings Playbook. The movie, and the book, are incredible. I love them so much.
    but this flow chart is great. lol

  3. I got In Your Eyes, which I've never heard of LOL

  4. This is actually a good flowchart on netflix. Should contribute to the creately

  5. Mine ended on Terms of Endearment, which I've never seen, but kinda want to. I did find it odd that choosing the I-like-B&W-movies path led to it, though, since it was made in 1983. Hmmmmm.


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