Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer Review/Reaction

The Suicide Squad's Comic-Con has officially been uploaded by Warner Bros. after many bootlegs online, and it gives us our first look at Jared Leto's Joker and more! If you followed my coverage of Suicide Squad, you know that of all the upcoming DC movies, this is the one that I want to work because Harley Quinn and movies about villains fascinate me. So, does this teaser trailer satisfy my expectations? Well, in some ways, yes, and other ways not so much. 
We finally get to see Margot Robbie in action as Harley Quinn! And the jury is still out on the portrayal because, she does not get many lines in the trailer. She definitely looks completely insane, and I love how she does the shotgun thing with her bat. I also like the pale skin and lack of scars or many tattoos. The backstory of her being a psychiatrist is a crucial part to the character, and the writers must keep that intact, which is my main worry.

Visually, the film looks low budget, almost somewhere between television and film, which reminds me of HBO or Netflix in terms of cinematography. It seems to lack the visual skill that makes people want to see it in the theater. Obviously, I will be watching it in theater, but it almost looks less cinematic than Netflix's Daredevil, which could hurt its box office draw. With all that said, we will not know until we see the movie for ourselves.
Will Smith is one of my biggest problems. He is not playing a character, he is playing Will Smith: Bad Boy version. I have a feeling that he will be given too much screentime, and while he is a fun actor, he is always Will Smith, by which I mean he rarely disappears into the role. The other Suicide Squad members appear to be cannon fodder to show off the explosive chips in their heads.

Lastly, there is Jared Leto as the Joker. Well, he is so much better in action than the promotional stills lead us to believe, which is expected. However, his line at the end, "I'm not going to kill you.... I'm just going to hurt you, really, really, bad," sounds almost too similar to Heath Ledger's Joker. On the other hand, I like the facial expressiveness and body language of Leto in the clip. Aside from the stupid tattoos, Leto will probably be a great Joker, and I want to see more of him. Plus, the Batman cameo is going to be fun!

What did you think? Please comment below and let me know!

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  1. I thought this trailer was expertly constructed. Harley Quinn looks fantastic and I think she will be the crux of the film. I wouldn't necessarily call it low budget -- Warner Brothers certainly has money to spend on this film. I'd attribute that more to David Ayer's style.

    I agree with you about Will Smith, but as long as his screen time is managed I don't think it should be that big of an issue...not to mention, Deadshot isn't exactly the type of character one "loses" themselves in like Harley or the Joker.

    I also think the Joker looks stupendous, both in style and motion. I agree it sounds a lot like Heath's Joker, but I think that would be really hard to avoid.

    Truth be told, I might be more excited for this film than Batman vs. Superman. It's going to be vastly different than many other super hero films out there. I also wouldn't be surprised to see it get an R rating.

    Side note: the song choice/implementation in the trailer is on point.

    1. Something about this makes me want to be cautious before getting too excited. I don't want to get my hopes up because DC has yet to prove themselves, but this is the one that I want to work.

      True about Deadshot, but he is the most "bankable" actor in the cast, so something makes me feel that he will be one of the main characters.

      Leto definitely appears to deliver. I like him more every time I watch the clip at the end.

      I am also more excited for this than BVS. I really doubt there will be an R rating, and it doesn't really appear to need it. DC and Warner Bros. want to make money, and if Mad Max showed anything is that movies like this won't rake in the crash.


  2. My opinion has kind of changed since the trailer, at first I loved Margot Robbie and was worried about the Joker, now that has been flipped. The Joker looks and feels great, super intense, but Robbie worries me, IDK why. Probably because she says 'I hope you got insurance' which might be one of the most cringe-worthy things I've ever seen in a movie trailer. That was painful!

    And like you said, I've never been a Will Smith fan and I'm thinking like you, he will get a ton of screen time and I flat out don't want that.

    That being said, I'm way more excited for this comic book movie than any other!

    1. Robbie worries me too. She doesn't come off as well in the trailer. I hope to see more in future ones. But yeah, I like the Joker more and more every time I see it.

      Honestly, casting Smith still confuses me. Unless Deadshot plays a big part, why cast such a high profile actor? I just have a bad feeling about it too.

      Of the DC movies, this is the one I am most excited about.


  3. In stark contrast to my current opinion of Dawn of Justice, I really like this trailer and suddenly have a pretty strong interest in this movie! I'm not familiar enough with the characters to try and judge their portrayals, but I like Margot Robbie a lot and definitely want to see more of her character now. She is the main character, I'm assuming?

    What I like most about this trailer though is the tone. I love that in it's so much darker than the DOJ trailer, but instead of being serious and melodramatic on the side, it's more creepy and fun and cool. It reminds me of Daredevil too in that way, and that's definitely a good thing. They just really seem to be embracing the insanity here, instead of trying to manipulate something more out of it that isn't there. So I think they're on the right track. :)

  4. yes. just yes.
    this movie.
    I want it now.

  5. Like BvS I'm really looking forward to this. Harley is a character I've loved since her first appearance in BTAS and it looks like Robbie is going to be a perfect live action take.

    As for the style, I think it looks very Ayer. He loves his grittiness and the trailer reeks of it.


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