Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ant-Man Teaser Trailer Teaser

Yet another teaser to a teaser trailer has been released, but this Ant-Man one has a twist: the video is Ant-Sized. Seriously, the video is so tiny that you can barely see it; however, Marvel has released a full-sized version of the teaser, which I posted below. I do have to say that this Ant-Sized teaser is a hilarious idea! And normally, I would not post a teaser to a trailer, but this was funny. To see the full trailer, watch Agent Carter tonight, and I might review the first episode of Agent Carter as well, so look for that next week.

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  1. Cool! :) I don't know much about Ant-Man, but it should be good(I found out that Evangeline Lilly-Tauriel in the Hobbit movies- is going to be in the film, so I'm excited about that! :) )

  2. Oh my gosh. They made an Ant-Sized Trailer. ROFL

    I love Marvel's sense of humor so much.



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