Friday, January 23, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron: A Discussion about Trailers

This is going to sound crazy, but I have not watched the new Age of Ultron trailer, but hear me out. The first Avengers film had an incredibly exciting trailer that showed us a glimpse the World's Mightiest Heroes finally coming together on the big screen for the first time. However, there was one problem; it showed a relatively big spoiler for the film: the Hulk catching Iron Man as he is falling. Sure, it might have been the big effects shot, but did we really need to see it? The trailer did more than enough to make everyone hyped, so that one clip only served to spoil a big moment, and that is exactly what I am trying to avoid the problem again. Right now, I know everything that I want to know about the movie, and obviously I am going to see it in theaters, so what's the point in watching the trailer? On the other hand, even though I am obviously going to see the Star Wars film, right now, I want to know more, which is why I plan to watch its trailer when it comes out, and the same goes for Ant-Man. Unlike Age of Ultron, I do not know enough about either Star Wars or Ant-Man.  However, for something as big as Age of Ultron, I want to watch the movie knowing as little as possible so that I can have the best experience possible. Other movies have had trailers that spoil way too much, to the point of even ruining the movie, so my policy with certain movies is complete avoidance. What is your opinion of avoiding trailers and the spoilers that are contained within them? Are you also angry that studios release trailers with such big spoilers? Please comment below and let me know!

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  1. You're just like my sister- she's refusing to see the trailer as well for the same reasons. While from my view of the trailer I didn't *think* that there were any spoilers, I obviously really don't know because I haven't seen the movie and something that might seem really unimportant in the trailer might actually be a spoiler in the movie. It always bugs me when movie trailers give everything away. So yeah, I totally get where you're coming from even if I don't have the self-control to keep from watching it myself ;)

  2. I completely agree. I haven't seen the latest trailer either and I don't intend too. Yes, that was a big spoiler in the Avengers trailer--Iron Man 3's suspenseful ending was ruined for me because of a certain scene they'd included and after that I skipped the The Dark World and Winter Soldier trailers. I've figured out with Marvel, it's best just to see as little as possible.

    Something that annoys me right now is all the hype and gossip that goes around for trailers. On Facebook, I keep seeing articles saying, "New rumor about Star Wars trailer content" and people get so hyped. I'm sitting here thinking, "what do I care what's in the trailer in comparison to what's in the movie? Stop trying to hype up the trailer and just put the movie in theaters already." Of course,I'm going to see the next Star Wars trailer, but I wish this fad of "oooh the trailer" thing would go away. I'm probably not making sense anymore so I'll stop here. :P


  3. I totally know where you're coming from, I have often regretted watching a trailer before I saw the movie, especially if I was already planning to see it. The new Age of Ultron trailer didn't use much new content at all, and none of it *looked* like spoilers, but you never know what might end up being one! I just can't help myself, though, because watching trailers for movies that are long-anticipated is a lot of fun, making me be excited for their arrival, and for me, anticipation is half the fun of the whole experience! The only thing I do is try to not watch the trailer too many times, so it's easier for me to forget specifically what I saw while in the theater. But then, if I find a movie that's already been released and decide to see it, I typically do avoid trailers. I can base my interest on reviews or recommendations, and keep away from the trailer-spoilers.

    Haha, so I guess I have a SOP for trailer-watching, that's interesting! I certainly would be nice if studios tried to keep spoilers out of their trailers though -- that kinda seems like an obvious thing to do!

  4. For my part, I actually make a point of seeing any and all trailers for films that I might possibly see. I get enjoyment from trying to extrapolate the plot from the trailer, so I would have to say I don't care about spoilers much at all. If I like the film, I'm going to like it if there is a spoiler in the trailer or not.


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