Monday, February 6, 2012

Giants Win The Super Bowl! And New Avengers Trailer!

Giants win the Suer Bowl! It was a very exciting game st the end. And the half time show didn't suck like last year's did. It looked really cool with the huge screen on the field. I have heard any of Madonna music before the Super Bowl and was a lot better than "The Black Eye Peas". But the year in commercials was kind of weak with only a few good one. We will probably post a Top 5 Super Bowl commercials some time soon.

And last but not least......The Awesome New Avengers Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!

Even you have seen the one in the Super Bowl watch this one. It is extended! We finially get to some Skrull spaceships. And a super awesome epic quote at the end. "I have an army"......"We have a Hulk". Awesome! Did you watch the Super Bowl? What do you think of The Avengers trailer? Please let us know in the comments.


  1. We didn't watch the superbowl... so no comment.


    I haven't been so excited about the Avengers than I was last night when I saw that on YouTube! I was literally jumping around and squealing like a stuck pig. ALL THAT NEW FOOTAGE IS AMAZING! I CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!


  2. Yeah I watched the Super Bowl, and it was awesome. And second, that new trailer is insane! Looks like they've divided it pretty well (Iron Man doing areil combat, the Captain and Thor together.) That is what the hulk is for! 'I have an army' 'We have a Hulk.' (enter Hulk through wall) This is going to be a lot of fun!

  3. Glad the Superbowl rocked for ya'll!



    The new trailer is awesome! I love seeing Iron Man actually talking to Loki! And seeing Thor helping Cap off the ground! OMGOODNESS! My favorite scene is the one of all the Avengers standing together! YES, THEY ARE TOGETHER AT LAST!!!! I love this trailer by far more than the other one! Can. Not. Wait.

  4. congrads eli, ur amazing. :) so amazing trailer. love the line between loki and iron man. army to a hulk, hmmmm. lol. wish the movie came out sooner. :)

  5. @Jamie: I also can't wait!

    @JT/King Valun: Yeah, The Avenger was crazy awesome!!!! I think "We have a Hulk" is going to be my most used quote soon.

    @Kayla: Yes, that is an awesome scene! :D I agree about it being better the first one was a "teaser" and this one EPIC TRAILER!!!

    @Aalya Rain: I know. It is so hard to wait for it!

  6. The super bowl was great!

    *sqeeee* ok, I'm better now. Never mind.

    There were a ton of great trailers during the game, and I can't wait to see them!

  7. The Avengers! *insert screaming and squeeing and squealing*

    I've watched the extended trailer about...*thinks* 20 times. I love finally getting to see more of Thor and Hawkeye and Loki, and all of them together! xD


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