Tuesday, February 14, 2012

About Us, E-Mail, and Interviews.

We finally got around to writing a "About Me(Us)" page. Please tell us if you see any grammar errors or spelling errors. I make that mistake a lot of the time and don't notice it. Also we have a public e-mail address, which is named after my(James) Star Wars character, so please sent us if you want to contact us or chat.  We check it often and usually reply in a day. Also if you want to be part of a short interview please let us know. The interview will not be anything personal but about movies and fandoms. And I will not start the interviews until after Star Wars week next week but please let me know if you want to be interviewed so that I can be ready with the question. Also I(James) will be replying to any and all e-mails.

"About US: We(James and Jacob) are Christian, homeschooled, conservative, brothers who like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Baseball, Marvel Comics, Movies reviews, Indiana Jones movies, Sci-Fi, The Matrix, The Avengers, Captain America, Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Doctor Who, Inception, James Bond movies, Video Games, TV shows, Top Gear, Football and more.

Our Blog, JandJ Productions, is about Movie Reviews, Television, Star Wars, Sci-Fi, Lord of the Rings, Comic Books and much more. We review old movies, new movies and just about every type of movie. If there is a movie want us to review please leave a comment and let us know. If you want to contact us or just chat please send an e-mail to, we check it often so expect a reply soon. And we also have a YouTube account so if you also have one please subscribe to our channel and we will subscribe to your channel. Please Click Here to go to our YouTube channel."

Please tell us you think and if there are any errors.

Also Cyby at Bricks of Cyby reviewed some of the Lego movies that we have made so Click Here to check out his post. And also check out That Dude at Thoughts of a Dude and a Dudess and CyBy is also on  Thoughts of a Dude and a Dudess with That Dude and Alyianna. That Dude also has a video blog and made crazy funny video re-creating the Battle of Helms Deep from The Lord of the Ring Thw Two Towers with shoes!? And thanks to "That Dude" the free advertising in his Video Blogs.


  1. It's interesting and readable. But you did write 'and we will subscribe to your channel' twice, and what does 'the me free advertising' mean?

  2. @JT/King Valun: Thanks for letting me know. I completely over looked it. I have fixed it now.

  3. LOL well you didn't do it in today's post but I noticed you ALWAYS write, 'munch' instead of 'much' in your other posts. Because you always do that I thought you did it on purpose. XD Just somethn' I noticed.

    Awesome about page! I love it that you review old and new movies and not just one or the other ;)


  4. @Kayla: Yeah...I just noticed recently that I have been making that misstake. Hopfully I will not make it again. :)

    And thanks! :D I am glad you like it.


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One rule: No strong profanity. If you want to link to one of your posts, please do; I am always interested in other reviews and such.

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