Wednesday, February 8, 2012

30 Day Movie Challenge Part 3: 16-20.

Day 16 - The last movie you saw in theaters
We don't got to the theaters very often. We might go like once a year or not even go at all but we had to go see Captain America: The First Avenger when it came out this past year. And before that in 2008 we went to see Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Skull since we are huge Indiana Jones fans but it was one of the most disappointing movies ever.

Day 17 - The best movie you saw during the last year
Last year was an amazing year for watching movies.

Day 18 - A movie that disappointed you the most
We were really excited about an Indiana Jones sequel and this really really disappointed us! While it wasn't a really bad movie it just couldn't live up to the Indiana Jones movie standards.

Day 19 - Your favorite actor
Harrison Ford has been in so many great movies it is amazing! He is the greatest actor to ever live! He was in two of our favorite movie trilogies: Star Wars Original trilogy and the Indiana Jones trilogy. And he has also been other great movies like The Fugitive and Cowboys and Aliens.

Day 20 - Your favorite actress

Carrie Fisher
How could be choose anyone else! Although we haven't seen her in any other movie than Star Wars. She is still our favorite actress. After Carrie Fisher, Natalie Portman is our other favorite actress.


  1. Hey cool, there's a picture from that movie The Fugitive. I love that movie, and Harrison Ford is a good actor.

    And The Rolling Stones played at the Super Bowl? Which one? I think I missed it!! Oh man. When was it that The Stones played? I gotta try and find it on YouTube.

  2. That is neat you saw a Indiana Jones movie in the theater. Carrie Fisher is my favorite actress too! Haha! :)


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