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Classic Clone Wars Reivew: Nightsisters/Savage Opress Trilogy Review.

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Since the Nightsisters/Darth Maul episodes are coming later today we decided to review the original Nightsisters Episodes Trilogy. Although we said in our earlier review of the "Darkness on Umbara/Carnage of Krell" Trilogy Story Arc "That it was the best story arc of the series" we have now changed our opinion the episodes. We decided that the Nightsisters Trilogy was better. We still like the "Darkness on Umbara" Trilogy; it is our second favorite story arc after the Nightsister Trilogy.

Note: We have not seen the episode since we first watched them so we are writing this from memory. And this is a review for the three episodes as a whole but all three individual episodes would get a score of a perfect 10/10.

Thoughts: At the time of this story arc The Clone Wars has had its ups and downs but mostly good episodes. But this story arc completely blew us away! The Clone Wars is at its best when it is about something that you just couldn't do in the movies. And the Nightsisters story arc is a prime example of this. It was dark, complex, compelling, different, and brutal. Although we normally don't like it when a series or movie was a really dark theme compared to the others in the series like Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. It was a little too dark, we liked it a lot but it wasn't as good as the original. But The Clone Wars is a different story. When the theme is dark it is usually better than other episodes. And we don't want to sound like we are crazy or insane but we like it when there are a little more violent kills in The Clone Wars. We are not talking about blood and gore but like the movies with the occasional arm being sliced off by a lightsaber and someone being force choked. It also gave us the story from the villain's point of view with the training Opress by Ventress to kill her former mast Count Dooku. The Clone Wars is at its best when things that normally don't in Star Wars like the Nightsisters Trilogy and the later story arc the Overlords Trilogy are two great examples of the Clone Wars going into "uncharted territory" with spectacular success. While some might find these episodes a little weird we loved them. Although the Nightsisters were referenced in some of the EU novels but this is the first you see them in action. The lightsaber battles were amazing. The best of the series, especially the last battle between with Opress, Ventress, Dooku, Obi-Wan, and Anakin. The episodes just kept getting better as the story arc went on with the last episode in the arc, “Witches of the Mist”, which is our favorite episode in The Clone Wars history. There are too many good things to say about this story arc. The story arc did everything right and is a perfect example of The Clone Wars can be. And is probably the best series of Television Episodes we have ever seen.

The Good: The lightsaber duels are the best of the series, Darker theme, Very unique compared to other episodes, Asajj Ventress became a more interesting character, Savage Opress is one of the best new characters introduced into The Clone Wars, The animation was much improved over previous episodes, Best Clone Wars story arc, Perfect pacing, Seeing Savage Opress' training by Ventress gave us an interesting look into Dathomir culture,

Plot: 10/10- It had a darker tone and told the story from the villain's point of view and both of which is a great change of pace from The Clone Wars format.

Action: 10/10- The lightsaber duel were some of the best in the series and have yet to matched.

Acting: 10/10- The usual solid voice with Savage Opress and Asajj Ventress' voice actors were both great.

Art Style: 10/10- The overall look of Dathomir was great and the animation for the lightsaber duel was very fluent and smooth.

Overall: 10/10- Overall this is the best Clone Wars story arc to date and we hope that the up coming Darth Maul story arc will be even better.

Closing Comments: "This is my kind of Story Arc: fearless and inventive."


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