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Top 25 Best Action Movie List.

This is the  Top 25 Best Action Movie List.

After most of the movies on this list there is going to be a video with one of the action scenes of the movie or the moves trailer it may be not the best action scene of the movie because it spoil the movie's plot if we post the best one.
We are not going to include Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and Comic Book movies because if we include Star Wars and Lord of the Rings it would be the same as our Top 25 favorite movie and we are not including Comic Book movie because we are going to make a list of best Comic Book movies after we watch the new Captain America movie.

At Number 25: The Expendables.

The Expendables has alot of action we mean alot. Click here to read the review.

At Number 24: The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven is a good western with good action.

At Number 24: The Patriot

The Patriot is like Revolutionary War Rambo.

At Number 22: The Bourne Identity

This one of the best scenes in The Bourne Identity. Click here to read the review.
We have not seen the other Bourne movie but did really like this one.

At Number 21: The Great Escape

Here is a small part of one of the best motocycle chases ever.

The Great Escape is a great WWII action movie.

At Number 20:  Rambo: First Blood

Rambo: First Blood Part I is a great action movie.
At Number 19: Live and Let Die.
Here is part 1 of the greatest boat chases of alltime.
 Live and Let Die is on this list is because of this great boat chase.

At Number 18: Terminator.

The original Terminator is a great thrill ride.

At Number 17: Goldeneye

Goldeneye is the best of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies.

At Number 16: From Russia with Love

Another great Bond boat chase.

At Number 15: True Grit.

True Grit is not exactly an action movie but we had to include it some were on this list.

At Number 14: Enter The Dragon

This not the best fight scene in the movie but the best has spoilers.

Enter The Dragon has the most realistic fight scene of any movie we ever seen.

At Number 13: The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix (3) Revolutions might not be as good as the other Matrix movies but it was still great.

At Number 12: Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen is the best WWII movie ever.

At Number 11: Rambo First Blood Part II

This our favorite Rambo movie.

At Number 10: Dr. No

This is the first and one of thr best James Bond movies ever.

At Number 9: Goldfinger

Goldfinger is another great Bond movie.

At Number 8: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

At Number 7: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom is not as good as first and third Iniana Jones movie but it is still action packed.

At Number 6: The Matrix Reloaded

This one of the best fight scenes in movie history.

The Matrix Reloaded has amazing fight and chase scenes.

At Number 5: Thunderball

Thunderball is the greatest of all the James Bond movies.

At Number 4: Inception

Inception is not just a great action movie it is so munch more it is physiological thriller that always keep you on the guessing.

At Number 3: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is one of the greatest action adventure ever.
At Number 2: The Matrix

The Matrix is one of the most revolutionary movies of all time with its incredible stylized fight scenes.

At Number 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark is the greatest action movie of alltime.

We hope you enjoyed our list please comment and tell us what you think.


One rule: No strong profanity. If you want to link to one of your posts, please do; I am always interested in other reviews and such.

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