Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie That Need Sequels and What They Should Do Next.

We decided to write an article about movies please tell if you think we should write articles and movie review orjust movie reviews. This going to be about movie franchises that need sequels and where we want to them go with the franchise next.

Star Wars
We want a live action TV show set in the Old Republic or a movie set in the Old Republic. We also want the story based on the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic video game.

James Bond
The Daniel Craig have Bond movie has had critical success but they didn't have the feel of a Bond movie they were more like a Bourne movie than a Bond movie.
We are James Bond purest we want gadgets and good villains. The next movie needs to be set in the 60s around the same time as the original Sean Connery Bond movies and they need to bring back the gadgets and have reimaginings of classic villains.

Indiana Jones
We really hated Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Aliens? Really?! Indy need to get the James Bond treatment which means get a new actor to play Indy but the character stays the same or make a new Adventures of Young Indiana Jones TV show.

Bourne movies
We just finshed watching the Bourne Trilogy yesterday look for the review coming soon.
We know that there is going to be sequel of the Bourne movies but Matt Damon won't be in the next one. What we want is a sequel with Matt Damon in it.

Thr Matirx
We have recently become huge Matirx fans. We have read rumors that there might be a sequel at some time so we are really hoping for it coming soon.

We don't know how Christopher Nolan would make a sequel to Inception but need really one and we need it now.

What do you think please comment and tell us.

Our next article will be about Movie Sequels That are Confirmed to be coming back.


  1. I would LOVE new Star Wars live action movie/tv series!

  2. The Lord of the Rings needs a sequel on what happens next...I would love to see Frodo and Sam's reunion after the Grey Havens! :P

  3. "Yes to the first, yes to the second but only as long as we keep to the shallows (in this case, the orignals)." -Captain Jack Sparrow

    Haha, but yes I agree. More sequels need to be in order, especially for Star Wars!

  4. they where going to do a star wars live action series. i'll find the link for u.........ok found it. it's the following
    but unfortantly the $ ran out. :(

  5. Hi James and Jacob! Here is your interview:

    1. What is your favourite trilogy of all time?
    2. What is your favourite character in this trilogy?
    3. What is your favourite movie that is NOT a trilogy?
    4. Who is your favourite director?
    5. What types of music do you like? Who is your favourite artist?

    That's it!

  6. @Sophia: Agreed

    @Alyianna: I didn't write about LOTR because The Hobbit is coming next year but I do have some ideas about that I am going to post about soon.

    @JediKnightGrl: What do you mean "Keep it to the shallows"? Are you talking about James Bond movies? Please explain.

    @Aalya Rain: I know I wrote a post about that a few moths ago but thanks for the link. :)

  7. Hey guys,

    I just did my 'Top 15 Heroes' post, if you want to come see. :)

    Hopefully I see a few more movies to build it up to 25 heroes. :)

    ~Jamie Joyce

  8. Awww, I was just quoting Capt. Jack Sparrow in Dead Man's Chest. I was meaning I would love to see sequels for all of these as long as they keep to the originals; not remakes in other words. ;)


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