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Gulliver's Travels (2010) review.

I have read the book Gulliver's Travels I really liked the book.

This is the review for Gulliver's Travels. Because Gulliver's Travelsis a comedy we are going to score it a little differently in the "Comedy" section of the review it is score on how funny the movie is compared to other comedies but in a review for an action movie the "Comedy" section is the amount of comedy in the movie. Here is an example if an action movie get a score of 9.0 in the "Comedy" section and a comedy movie gets an 8.0 it doesn't mean that the action movie is funnier it just means that the action is has some really funny parts in the for an action movie.

If you have seen the movie please give it any score from 1 to 10.

Directed by: Rob Letterman
Genre: Comedy,  Fantasy
Release date: December 25, 2010 (2010-12-25)
Running Time: 95 minutes
MMPA rating: PG

The Good: A few funny Star Wars and other pop culture jokes.

The Bad: Cuts out more than three fourths of the book, Does not do any justice to the source material.

Plot: Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black) is the boss of newcomer Dan (T. J. Miller) in the mail room of a New York City newspaper, but soon, Dan is promoted to a boss. Deeply depressed at his dead-end job, Gulliver decides to talk to journalist Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet). He convinces her he could write a report about his (false) extensive world "travels" saying his dream is to become a writer. After suffering writer's block and thinking that Darcy will not want to hang out with a "guy from the mailroom", he plagiarises a report from other publications on the Internet. The next day, Darcy, impressed by his writing, presents Gulliver with a new task – to travel to the Bermuda Triangle and write an article confirming that the legend of ships mysteriously disappearing in the area being caused by extraterrestrials is not true.

Upon arrival in Bermuda, Gulliver rents a boat and travels into the triangle. After falling asleep at the helm of his ship, he's caught in a freak storm and the boat is overwhelmed by a waterspout. He washes up unconscious on the shore of Lilliput, where he is immediately confirmed as a "beast" by the town's tiny people. He is captured and imprisoned in a cave, citizens claiming him to be dangerous because of his huge size. Here, he meets another prisoner named Horatio (Jason Segel) who was jailed by General Edward (Chris O'Dowd) because he likes Princess Mary of Lilliput (Emily Blunt), whereas Edward wants her for himself. After the island across from Lilliput, Blefuscu, infiltrates commandos to kidnap Princess Mary, Gulliver manages to break free of the plough-machine he is forced to work and then rescues the princess from being kidnapped. Gulliver also saves her father, King Benjamin (Billy Connolly) from a fire by urinating on it (that did happen in the book believe it or not).

Gulliver is declared a hero by Lilliput's citizens and makes up a deal of lies saying he is the President of the United States, says Yoda is his Vice-President and a living legend in his homeland. Edward, however, becomes enraged due to the luxurious accommodations that have been built for him, and even being presented as an honorary general of the Lilliputian Army complete with uniform. When the townspeople find Gulliver's boat and his other things, Gulliver gets angry voice mail messages from Darcy, angrily saying she has to take his place and travel to Bermuda now, and also found out about his plagiarism and she no longer wishes to be friends with him. The next day, chaos ensues as the Blefuscian Navy lay siege on the city when Edward shuts down its defense system as an act of revenge for Gulliver's treatment. Gulliver defeats the armada, invulnerable to the cannonballs being fired at him (although he receives numerous welts on his stomach). Embarrassed once more, and with Mary no longer wanting to do anything with him, Edward defects to the Blefuscians and brings with him blueprints of a robot coming from one of Gulliver's sci-fi magazines. The Blefuscians secretly build the robot based on Gulliver's magazine, with Edward as the pilot.Watch the movie to see what happens next.

Plot: 3.0/10- Completely butchers the great plot of the book.

Action: 2.5/10 Gulliver's Travels is not an action movie. It had three very short action scenes for for mostly there for comedy.

Acting: 4.1/10- Jack Black's performance was passable but the rest of the cast were mediocre.

Special effects: 5.2/10- Some of the time the effects for the Lilliput's were OK and other times it really fake and the robot looked like.

Soundtrack:7.2/10- Gulliver's Travels did have one really good song "I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night" by KISS other than that it was really mediocre.

Comedy: 6.9/10- Gulliver's Travels is a comedy. It did have a few very funny Star Wars and other pop culture jokes but overall it was not very funny.

Overall: 3.0/10- Overall Gulliver's Travels is a bad movie.

Closing comments: If you like some of the other Jack Black comedys you might enjoy this.

Recommended for: Jack Black fans.


  1. I didn't really like this movie very much. I just liked the Star Wars jokes, those were really funny.

  2. "Gulliver's Travels" holds up very well as a reading experience. The story can be appreciated on one level for the hero's fantastic adventures, and on another level as a knowing satire of human society as Swift knew it. Highly recommended to readers of all ages.


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