Friday, August 12, 2011

Marvel vs. DC.

The polls on for Marvel vs. DC are in. The winner is..... Marvel!!!! Not surprisingly the  best one wins. Marvel is far superior in heroes, villians, movies, TV shows and video games.The line has been draw who side are you on Marvel or DC? Please post a comment and tell us.

Watch this awesome video of Marvel vs. DC.


  1. Not being a comic book person, and having seen only one film from either universe, which is widely regarded as an excellent film(The Dark Knight), I believe I am mostly impartial. I must say that I believe the odds would seem to lie in Marvel's favor only because they have so many more characters to use for their products. It seems that Marvel's characters tend to be geniuses, medically mutated, or both, while most DC characters are aliens or just plain geniuses. Can anyone convince me from the middle of the road? (I am a DC leaner only because Super-and Bat-man look so cool and the Dark Knight movie was awesome)

  2. i can see both sides very well. i agree with you about marvel 100%. But....i can see DC better. Sure marvel has way more in interprise but DC is getting more in production value. from xmen, fanatstic four, sider man, etc... u see way more of dc than you do marvel. so i'm going to have go with dc, sorry. i like my xmen.

  3. I'm evenly torn between the 2 with Captain America and Batman. I couldn't decide if my life depended on it!

  4. @JT/ King Valum: You need to Iron Man it is a lot better than The Dark Knight.

    @Aalya Rain: If you are an X-Men fan like I am, why did you choose DC? X-Men is owned by Marvel.

    @JediKnightGrl: Have you seen Iron Man, Spider-Man or X-Men?

  5. oh crap i thought it was owned by dc. why is it everytime i get those two mixed up. okay i renounce my orginal and will go with Marvel. Marvel 100%. My bad :(

  6. I own all the Spider-Mans, seen both Iron Mans and only liked one, and even both Fantastic 4s. I have yet to see X-Men though. But I know a real hero when I see one, so I'm still confident in my choices. ;)


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