Monday, July 4, 2011

Science fiction Meme day 3 Favorite novel.

We don't read many novels we only read them for school and the I have not finished Heir to the Empire yet so the only Sci-Fi novel we have read is Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.


  1. What?? You don't read much! Shame on you ;p. I have read Ray Bradbury's short stories b u5t I haven't gotten around to his novels yet. You should try those.

  2. Awww, I'm sad that you don't read much. I've only started keeping track of what books I've read (maybe several months now) but I know I've read at least a hundred novels in the last few years, not to mention hundreds of other smaller or nonfiction books.

    I'm surprised you guys don't read more Star Wars novels. Not into the EU?

  3. When I said we don't read munch I mean that we have not read hundreds of books but it does not mean we do not read at all and we love Star Wars EU but were do you buy the books. I have Heir to the Empire and the rest pf the Thrawn Trilogy but I am lending it to a friend.

  4. Where do I buy the books? I don't usually buy them -- my library loves/hates me for all the books I get them to bring in. (I'm sure I've made them spend lots of money on me.) The Clone Wars novels (not related to the TV series) are excellent Star Wars novels, as are all the (Star Wars) books by Michael Reaves. Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter is probably the best one. There's quite the twist in the last two pages.


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