Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Science fiction Meme day 13 Favorite Star Trek.

We are not Trekies but we watch some of the movies and TV shows.

Favorite Star Trek movie.
Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek TV show.

Star Trek Next Generation

Star Trek Voyager.

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  1. Start Trek (2009) laid down a whole new base for the story, an alternate reality that most wouldn’t think could work, but that J.J. brought to life, distanced itself from what we know, while keeping the best parts of it, the people we knew. Of course CGI is better then any other movie just because of the progress that it ahs made in the years, but the detail they put into both the Enterprise and the Kelvin with the individual phaser cannons instead of two big beams, and the immense size of the ships now, made it seem more retro then you actually did realize. I loved this movie in theatres and as soon as it was released to blockbuster I made it a priority to order and watch again for a couple weeks. Working at DISH network I spend a lot of time looking through our specials, and I came across one for DISH subscribers can qualify for 3 months free of blockbuster by mail. Check it out at


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