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Top 25 Batman Movie Moments Part 3: 7-1.

If you have not seen Part 1 or Part 2 please click on the links and comment.

At Number 7: Good Cop, Bat Cop
"The good cop, bad cop routine?", "Not exactly". Another one of Ledger's many great scenes. It is hard to describe it, but this just works so well.

At Number 6: I'm Batman
Although the action in this scene was not framed very well, the menacing "I'm Batman." part at the end is just perfect.

At Number 5: The Joker vs. Batman
The final dual between Batman and The Joker ends and I love The Joker's speech at the end of the fight. Possibly the most quotable scene in the entire movie. I have seen this scene at least 20 times and I could watch it all day long.

At Number 4: The Dark Knight Ending
The epic conclusion to The Dark Knight and every time I watch this scene, it makes me even more excited to watch The Dark Knight Rises. This is such an awesome scene, and Gary Oldman as Gordon's speech sums up the film very well.

At Number 3: Phantasm Identity Revealed
I will not spoil the shocking reveal at the end of Mask of the Phantasm but you must watch the movie if you have any interest in Batman, mysteries, comic book movies or animation.

At Number 2: Why So Serious?
"You want to how I got these scars?" The score builds tension, and the famous "Why So Serious?" line is perfect for The Joker's character.

At Number 1: Pencil Trick
Yes, I had to with the "Pencil Trick" but this also includes what comes afterwards about with "Kill the Batman" proposal. This perfectly shows The Joker's statistic insanity and it is so entertaining to watch. Also this is one my of Top 25 Favorite Movie Moments as well.

I know I could not have included every great scene from the movies and there are a few scenes I know had a good case for making the list. So what are some of your favorite scenes from the Batman movies? Please do not include any from the recent Dark Knight Rises because I have not seen it yet but I might write the list again after I buy The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray. Also if everything goes as planed, unlike last week, I should be going to see The Dark Knight Rises Wednesday and post the review Thursday and tomorrow I will be posting "The Dark Knight Plot Hole" so look for that tomorrow as well.

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  1. The Joker VS Dark Knight ending. OMG, one of the best scenes ever. The whole fight, the suspence, Batman flinging him over the side and The Joker's cackling laugh and then his long speech where he basically proves he's still ahead of Batman even when he's hanging upside down. I get shivers.

    And I love the pencil scene; his laugh at the very beginning is enough to make it nummber one, lol!

    I could go on.... :P But I better stop here.


  2. I think you just about covered all of my favorite moments. :)
    Favorite line from The Dark Knight:
    Joker after being kicked by Rachel: Ohh, haha, a little fight in you, I like that.
    Batman: Then you're going to love me.

    One question. Where is Harvey Dent? Oh, wait, sorry, wrong question. I just wanted to know why everyone finds the Joker so entertaining? I mean, he's the best villain I've seen on the silver screen, but he's certainly not a favorite character. Some of his lines are funny, in a twisted way, but how do you laugh at someone getting their head slammed onto a pencil, or even find that entertaining? Sorry, that's just wrong.

  3. @ Jake P: I have an answer to your question, coming from me, personally. It's not his 'actions' that I applaud; he is a evil man doing evil things... that's what makes him a villain. It's his persona that I love . He's got a crazy, colorful, complex personality. He's painfully honest, he lives what he believes, and he's nuts because he enjoys what he does. He's not your average villain. He's bigger than life... but believably so. That's what I like about The Joker and he is one of my favorite film characters; top ten for sure. Of course, this might not be why everyone likes him, but that's why I like him and I hope it sheds some light on the matter. :)


  4. @Jamie: Thanks for the response! We could probably go back and forth all day so I'll just put it this way: I don't think you can part a man from his actions. I respect Ledger's portrayal of the Joker and I enjoy him as a villain, but I'll never just enjoy watching that character, colorful as he is, do his dirty work. One can focus on his persona if they wish, and like him for it, but only if they can ignore what he's doing with his hands. Like and respect are vastly different here. I hope I understood your argument correctly. Thanks for the discourse!

  5. @Jamie: If I had to choose a scene that I would watch over and over again, the Batman VS Joker fight would probably be it. :)
    Thank you for helping me answer Jake P.'s question, your awesome Jamie. ;)

    @Jake P.: That is one my favorite lines too, you have no idea how many times I have quoted that line. It was the first line that I was good at doing a impression of. :)
    I think Jamie may have answer some of your question and I completely agree with her on the subject.
    Unless a movie is based on fact, I view it as purely fictional so I can find it funny sometimes. In the pencil trick for example, the guy's head getting slammed isn't really the funny part. Its The Joker "Ta Da! Its Magic, its gone." is what makes it funny to me and how he delivers the line. Also Ledger's performance is so brilliant and his dialogue delivery in general is so entertaining to watch, really any excellent performance is entertaining to watch.
    I would not exactly have him as my favorite villain (Vader and Loki are my two) but Top 10 for sure. I hope that asnwers your question. :)


  6. @James: I don't think we agree on this one. :) I think I stated my argument and views well in the my last comment, so I'm not going to answer you in depth. And I'm not sure that I buy the whole 'but the character is fictional therefore I can laugh sometimes' bit, I dunno... anyway, I think we'll have to agree to disagree. :)

  7. @James: Thanks James, I'm glad we agree and that you understand where I'm coming from: I agree with what you say too. *fist bump*

    @Jake P: We can certainly agree to disagree, we all have different opinions and I don't want to push my opinion on you. :) *hand shakes all around* Thanks for being gracious. :D


  8. @Jamie: No, thank you!

  9. @Jake P: I completely understand your point and your opinion. :) Movies are always about opinions and everyone has different opinions. But I believe "Like" was a "Very poor choice of words" on my part. I enjoyed Ledger's performance as an actor but the type of villians that I do actually like as characters are redeemable ones for example: Darth Vader, Loki and Magneto are my Top 3 (Joker is in the Top 10 villians in general) and Doc Ock was a good one too. I liked Vader because he redeemed himself at the end and Magneto in the comics actually saved the world a few time and helped the X-Men. Also Loki has not finished his character arc but he is redeemable as well and tragic in a way. You have given me an idea for a post about villians, I thank you for that. :D

    @Jamie: *fist bump* Right back at you, blogger sister. :D



  10. Nice post!!! :D I've only seen Batman the dark knight. I want to see Batman begins! :D It has Liam Nesson in it!
    Have you seen the third movie yet?


  11. @Misty Kasumi: If you liked The Dark Knight, I think you will like it and Nesson was awesome in Batman Begins. :)
    I have not seen it yet, but I am going tonight.


  12. @James. Thanks! I think I will see it! :D And you WILL like it!



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