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Spider-Man 3 Review.

Thoughts: After the truly amazing Spider-Man 2, you would think that the sequel would be good. But it was a complete failure! I hate the movie! Although it was not a truly bad movie on its own right, yet compared to the previous film Spider-Man 3 is awful. The action is cool and there was some humor, however the movie ruined the classic symbiote story from the comics. The Black Suit story in the comic is one of the most iconic stories in all of comics and it was ruined! In stead of making going for a darker tone like the comic, it played it as comical! Casting Topher Grace as Eddie Brock was a terrible choice, he was nothing like the comics. And do not even get me started on the "Dance Scene", it was painful to watch! Although the "Emo Scene" was not all that terrible, it was actually kind of funny to watch but definitely should not have been in the movie. There also a change to the original story from the previous movie that I will npt spoil but if you are a fan of the first Spider-Man movie you will probably hate it also. The best part about the movie was Sandman and the action scenes.

Directed by: Sam Raimi
Genre: Action Adventure, Comic Book, Sci-Fi
Release Date: May 4, 2007
Running Time: 139 minutes
MMPA rating: PG-13

The Good: Awesome action scenes, Good soundtrack,

The Bad: Over stuffed with characters, Ruined classic characters and story, Bad casting of Eddie Brock, Tried to do too much, The dancing scene!, Emo Spider-Man!, Dumb plot choices,

Plot: The following plot summery is copied from
Peter Parker plans to propose to Mary Jane Watson, who has just made her Broadway musical debut. Meanwhile, a small meteorite crashes near the two in Central Park, and an extraterrestrial symbiote attaches itself to Peter's moped. Elsewhere, police pursue escaped prisoner Flint Marko. He climbs a security fence and falls into an experimental particle accelerator, which fuses his body with the surrounding sand and allows him to shapeshift at will as the Sandman. Peter's best friend, Harry Osborn, who knows Peter is Spider-Man and believes that Peter is responsible for his father Norman Osborn's death, attacks Peter using new weapons based on his father's Green Goblin technology. Harry injures his head on a pipe and suffers from partial amnesia, making him forget his revenge and that Peter is Spider-Man.
During a festival honoring Spider-Man, Marko robs an armored car. NYPD Captain George Stacy, Gwen's father, tells Peter and Aunt May that Marko was Ben Parker's killer, and the deceased Dennis Carradine only an accomplice. While a vengeance-obsessed Peter sleeps, the symbiote bonds with him. Peter wakes up hanging from a skyscraper and discovers his costume has changed and his powers have been enhanced. But the symbiote brings out Peter's dark side. Watch the movie to see what happens next.

Plot: 6.0/10- The movie completely butchered the classic story and added far too many new characters into the movie. The dialogue was really bad in some parts and the characters choices often do not make any sense.

Action: 8.7/10- This is the best part about the move, the action scenes are great. The use of special effects is good although slightly dated.

Acting: 6.7/10- Although some of the dilogue and casting was bad the performances were decent from the actors.

Special effects: 8.8/10- Some of the effcts are little dated and in some scenes it tries to do too much yet it is still  mostly impressive.

Soundtrack: 8.4/10- Althouhg Danny Elfman did not compose the soundtrack again, the classic Spider-Man theme is still used and some of the other thems are also good.

Comedy: 7.9/10- There was some good humor and unfortunately there was some "So bad it makes you laugh" humor.

Would I Watch This Again: Because I own the DVD as I do with the other Spider-Man movies I will watch it again but not for a while.

Overall: 6.4/10- Spider-Man 3 is not really a bad movie as it is a majorly dissappointing sequel.

Closing comments: Spider-Man can be a enjoyable movie if you do not have high expectations for it.

Recommended for: Action Adventure fans, If you watched the previous Spider-Man movies, Comic Book movie fans,

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  1. Wow, it's always so so sad when the third movie is a failure. We'll probably not watch this one, then. :)


  2. @Jamie: Well, if you like the first two, I do recommend watching to finish the story. :)


  3. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Such a massive disappointment after the epic-ness of SM2.

  4. @the ink Slinger: While I wouldn't say it is one of the worst movies I have seen (Elektra, Ghost Rider and "Batman and Robin are much worse) but it is one of the most disappointing movies I have seen considering how much I love the first two. :) Thanks for the comment.



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