Thursday, July 26, 2012

Holy Reboot Batman!

In the words of the 60s TV series Robin, "Holy Reboot Batman, does this sound like a bad idea!"
I have been hearing a lot about the reboot for the last year. The idea of rebooting is crazy from a film making stand point but from a money making stand point Warner Brothers is doing just what you would expect.
There is almost no direction to go with the Batman franchise after the Nolan movies. I do not think it is a good idea to reboot the franchise but if they do reboot the franchise this is where I want them to go with the franchise. It would be safe in assuming that it would lead into a Justice League movie or as some reports claim, the Justice League movie would come first and then the Batman reboot, which sounds really crazy. Also Christopher Nolan is not going to produce the movie as previously stated and he will have nothing to do with the Justice League movie.

Since Nolan has already made a dark, gritty and realistic version of Batman. It needs to go for a more comic book style like the Batman: Arkham City video game but it should still be dark and gritty. Or it should try to have a similar style as the up-coming Superman: Man of Steel because it is set in the same universe.

Batman Beyond Route
Although it is nearly impossible, I would like them to go with a Batman Beyond movie based on the awesome TV by Bruce Timm and company. They could cast Clint Eastwood or someone similar as the aging Bruce Wayne and find some young actor to play Terry. The futuristic dystopian setting would be dark and edgy yet new and fresh. Although I have just started the series again, I think it would work great as a movie, especially considering that the animated Batman Beyond was so good.

The Setup
As much as I would like to see a Batman Beyond movie, most likely the movie would have Bruce Wayne suit up for the 6th time in live action movie not including the 40s serials. The movie would really need to have Robin as his side-kick, although many would probably hate this idea, he was actually a good character in Batman: The Animated Series and the comics. They would definitely need to cast a young actor and not make the mistake that the Joel Schumacher did in his Batman movies by casting 30 year old to play the part.

The Villian
They really cannot go with The Joker again or any other character that was used in the Nolan films because fans would rip it apart or at least hold The Joker for the last film in the new series. Mr. Freeze should be the villain in the movie. He already has a very tragic past in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Heart of Ice" and everyone would like to forget about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Another character I would like to see is Harley Quinn, although it would be highly unlikely without The Joker being in the movie.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for part 1 of the Top 25 Batman Movie Moments.

Also Here is a link to Edessa at HoloNet Entertainment Daily's post about the Batman reboot.

Note: This infomation is a little out dated because Nolan will have nothing to do with the reboot.

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