Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Votes are in for Your Top 10 Movie Villians and More...

The Winner is......
Darth Vader!!!!!!!
With 7 Votes!!

Tied for Second place Emperor Palpatine and Saruman with 6 votes.
Boba Fett, Witch King and Saron are tied with 4 votes.
Dath Maul has 3 votes.
Others tied with 2 votes.

Survivor South Pacific starts tonight.


  1. vadar always comes out at number one. its sort of sad in a way also. i really wished that anakin wasn't going to fall. he was good man but his past caught up with him. but i do agree with him coming out as the one.

  2. LOL, for some reason I just knew Vadar would sweep the board! He certainly deserves the place of number one, I think. :)

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. Yay for Vader!!!!!! :D **hugs Darthy** :D

  4. Awesome!!! Vader is the best.

    I'm so glad you mentioned that about Survivor. That is my favorite show!! I think this season's gonna be a good one.

  5. @Everyone: Vader is the MAN!

    @Cad Bane's Chick: Survivor is my favorite show also! I have been watching it since the beginning. :)

  6. I have to agree with you Darth Vader is simply the best movie villain ever but he's also my favorite Star Wars character.


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