Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Isabeau Trailer and More!

This is the trailer for the movie that we and our friends made. I(James) am the tall dude with the cloak and Jacob is the guy with the fake beard.

This an out take of Rebecca and Hannah trying to film.


  1. BTW, thanks 4 the cool comment on my Stones post. My favorite is Start Me Up too. I love alot of their songs, but Start Me Up is definitely up there among #1

  2. Looks interesting, but didn't you think about fast-forwarding the fight scenes before making the trailer? They look kind of clunky. Check out The Scarlet Pimpernel's trailer!

  3. ya'll are funny. looks interesting.

  4. @JT: I have not done any of the editing or the writing. Rebecca did all of it for the movie we were just actors but that is a good idea I will tell her. I have seen Scarlet Pimpernel's trailer it looks awesome!

    @Aalya Rain: I agree they were funny.

    @JediKinghtGrl: Thanks.

  5. wht is your movie based off of? :)

  6. @Aalya Rain: I think it is original but Rebecca at Just me... wrote the movie we just were actors in it so we are not a 100% sure what is going to happen in the movie because we do not know which of extra scenes we filmed made in the movie.


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