Thursday, May 5, 2016

Coming Soon: May 2016

Hello once again, everybody! The summer movie season officially gets its start this month with some big, fun movies headed our way. But let's recap April first shall we?

Eye in the Sky: An absolutely incredible and riveting film about drone warfare. I passed on covering it in recent months because of a limited release schedule but it's one of the best films I've seen this year. RRS: 10/10 -- Instant Classic
The Boss: I admittedly had a light movie month this month and skipped several films. The Boss, while destroyed by critics, seemed to be enjoyed by those who saw it, though I think it was one of McCarthy's more forgettable films in a string of strong comedies.
Hardcore Henry: Some really hated it -- I even found a couple filmgoers state that it was the worst movie ever made -- but others really enjoyed it. I was part of the latter camp and even went so far as to claim that I was proudly part of the cult that this sure-fire "cult classic" will produce. RRS: 8.5/10
Criminal: Does anyone remember that this movie actually came out this month? Despite some awful reviews and big names, I'm not sure audiences even knew that this generic thriller existed.
The Jungle Book: Opposite of Hardcore Henry, I was part of the pessimist camp on this one. I enjoyed the film, its visuals, and its voice acting, but the plot has never really connected with me. Thus I was left entertained, but not blown away like many others were. RRS: 7.5/10
The Huntsman: Winter's War: I expected it to be useless as literally no one was asking for it, but man did it get ripped apart! I decided to skip it after I saw the poor reviews and it's truly a shame that so much great talent was wasted.
Keanu: Pretty darn funny, if not a little overlong, this is a solid one-time view from comedic duo, Key and Peele. RRS: 7/10
Ratchet & Clank: Will we ever get a good videogame movie? It seems that we'll have to continue waiting for that answer as Ratchet and Clank (the movie) seems to disappoint in almost every way. At least the reboot/remake/sequel/tie-in videogame that released last month scored really well?

Biggest Disappointment: None
Biggest Surprise: Hardcore Henry
Worst Movie: I didn't see either but probably a toss up between Criminal and Winter's War
Best Movie: Eye in the Sky

May starts off with a bang, and easily one of my most anticipated films of the year. As always, click the title for the trailer.

Why It's Worth Seeing: It's the answer to BvS and, given Marvel's insane track record, destined to be better in almost every way. Don't take that as fanboyism -- I'm sure I'll enjoy both for their own reasons -- but at this point, Marvel is unstoppable and have yet to have a major misstep. You can guarantee that this one wont be it and early reviews confirm as much. In short, it's going to be amazing.
What Could Go Wrong: Aside from being chocked full of characters and managing all that, I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that Marvel has a difficult time "pulling the trigger". And by that I mean: killing off characters. The one in Avengers was essentially a fake out and the Age of Ultron one was real, but with a newly introduced character. It's clear from the trailers that these characters have earned the sincerity and gravitas of our emotions. Now I think it's time for Marvel to rip out our heartstrings and show us that they're not just all fun and games. Kill Iron Man. Kill Cap. Make us all remember where we were when "____" died. They have the power to do it, I just think they're too scared. I also think Civil War is the perfect platform to achieve it successfully and really shake up the Universe. We'll see I suppose! (Let the hate flow through you in the comments section!)

Why It's Worth Seeing: The story is immediately intriguing, if not slightly terrifying, and the cast is great. The initial trailer may give a lot away, but this seems like a tense, thought-provoking thriller.
What Could Go Wrong: Something tells me that, as much as I think I'll enjoy the film, I may not remember it 2-3 weeks later. It comes across as a solid "one-time" view from where I'm sitting and I'll be interested to see how realistic the scenario is as it unfolds.

Why It's Worth Seeing: I actually laughed a couple times during the trailer and I'm impressed with the voice cast that this"movie"...was able to achieve.
What Could Go Wrong: Putting my absolute frustration aside that we get THIS movie before a God of War or Halo film, I just don't think there's enough plot here. It's non existent in the games and seems paper thin in the trailer. Seeing as how Angry Birds isn't exactly "big" anymore, I could see this being both a critical and commercial dud.

Why It's Worth Seeing: If I were to rank some trailers and how hard they made me laugh out of the last 6 months, this one would be near the top. I loved the first film and this looks to be more of the same, but with a sorority providing the rivalry this time. Some great casting aside (I still believe Efron is a comedic genius in the making), this one looks like an absolute riot.
What Could Go Wrong: If it's too repetitive when compared to the first film. Yes, the plot is essentially the same, but if the jokes are the same too, I'll be less enthralled. Also slightly concerned that the script might have been rushed for the purposes of a sequel.

Why It's Worth Seeing: Want to talk about another funny trailer? Look no further than The Other Guys which is written and directed by Shane Black. Featuring two solid leads, what look like some great gags, and some fun set pieces, this could be a great R-rated time-piece comedy this summer.
What Could Go Wrong: I didn't sense this in the trailers, but I'll be interested to see if the film can effectively balance drama vs. comedy. It seems like a straight forward comedy from the trailers, but they could be misleading.

Why It's Worth Seeing: The first one was a visual splendor and tons of fun. Or at least that's what I heard from those that saw it...for some reason or another, I never got around to watching it.
What Could Go Wrong: Tim Burton often doesn't connect with me...more a fault of mine than his...but I find that sometime his creativity overtakes the film and I worry that could happen with a sequel that comes a decently long while after the original.

Why It's Worth Seeing: Days of Future Past was stellar and this looks to continue (and wrap up?) the X-Men story with a formidable foe and, once again, impressive cast. Bryan Singer returning to direct doesn't hurt either.
What Could Go Wrong: Honestly? I don't quite know. But I do know that I have a weird feeling about this one. Despite some great trailers, I just cant get that excited for it and I don't know why. Something about it feels "off" or "recycled" to me.

Must See (in order): Captain America: Civil War, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, The Nice Guys, X-Men Apocalypse
On My Radar: Money Monster, Alice Through the Looking Glass
Predicted Duds: The Angry Birds Movie

Here's hoping that May is one of the best movie months of the year because it certainly looks like it's shaping up to be that way! As always, I'd be really appreciative if you came and followed me through Blogger at RATH'S REVIEWS and like me on Facebook HERE! I follow-for-follow 100%. Thanks again!!

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