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Coming Soon: March 2016

After a pretty standard February (save for what's likely to be one of the year's best films), March is boasting some big films and the potential, hopefully great, start to a new cinematic universe. But first, let's review February first:

Hail, Caesar!: Despite having an amazing cast and being the product of the Coen brothers, this comedy wasn't all that funny and it was poorly threaded together by a lame plot that didn't amount to much. It was fun to see all the actors/actresses having a blast though. Rath's Review Score: 6.5/10
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: One that I skipped out on, but it seems like I didn't miss much. Critics and fans alike said it was fun, but fairly forgettable.
Deadpool: A film made by a fan for the fans ended up not only being successful, but crushing most expectations. Critics liked it for the most part, but fans adore it and it's currently breaking all sorts of February and R-rated box office records. Likely to be one of the most re-watchable films to come from this year and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in my Top 10. RRS: 9/10
How to Be Single: Another one I missed, but I presume I would have enjoyed. Many critics said it was better/funnier than they expected it to be, but it still fell short of greatness. 
Zoolander II: Man oh man, this one hurt. Strikingly unfunny more often than not, this tone-deaf sequel was a bust save for a few really good scenes and a fun cast. RRS: 6/10
The Witch: A highly over-praised, but still very well made horror film. The Witch is nowhere near as scary as early reviews would have you believe, but it is eerie and uncomfortable to watch. RRS: 7/10
Son of Saul: Not a film I covered last month, but it's the likely Oscar winner for Foreign Language film. It's an intense look at the Holocaust filmed in a unique way that puts you right in the thick of it. Not an easy film to watch by any means, but a very powerful one. RRS: 9/10 
Eddie the Eagle: A pretty darn good, feel-good film about an Olympic ski jumper that is equal parts fun, funny, and inspiring. Not much bad to say about this one, though I'm not so sure it will stand the test of time. RRS: 7.5/10
Gods of Egypt: Apparently a film that is almost so bad, it's good, Gods of Egypt is currently in the running for being the year's biggest bomb at the box office as we speak. Critics cited horrible effects, hammy performances, and lame action as the culprits for their atrocious scores.
Triple 9: A busy weekend prohibited me from seeing this one even though I wanted to. Critics and moviegoers seem to agree that it's really impressive in certain ways (action scenes and casting) but average in others (overall plot).

Most Disappointing: Zoolander II
Most Surprising: Eddie the Eagle
Worst Movie: Zoolander II (only because I didn't see Gods of Egypt)
Best Movie: Deadpool!

Let's take a look at March shall we? Remember that all the titles/dates are links to the trailers!

Why It's Worth Seeing: I'm one of those people that loved Olympus Has Fallen (review HERE). I know I'm mostly alone in that camp, but I found it to be an awesome throwback action film that was badass, very violent, brutal, and even smart at times. If the sequel can capture those things over again, then I'm sure I'll love this sequel.
What Could Go Wrong: Sequel's tend to have the need to go bigger, as if it equals better. Sometimes that's the case, but not so here. I'd like to them to keep it a tight, somewhat believable action film instead of a borderline superhero flick. 

Why It's Worth Seeing: I love Tina Fey and I think the premise is a really interesting one, specifically because it's based on a true story.
What Could Go Wrong: I can't quite understand the tone from the trailers (is it serious? is it not?) and I don't find them all that funny in the first place. On a busy March 4th weekend, this is likely the one I skip. 

Why It's Worth Seeing: During my premiere of Star Wars, if you had asked every audience member, "Other than Star Wars, what was the best part about tonight?" they would have replied with the Sloth/DMV trailer from this film. It's by far the hardest I've ever laughed at a movie trailer and early reviews for this one indicate that the film has more laughs like that in store. Can't. Wait.
What Could Go Wrong: Reviews also indicate the film is a little preachy and on-the-nose in its messaging, which sometimes really irks me in animated films. But this is Disney Animated Studios, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Why It's Worth Seeing: A couple months back I was completely and pleasantly blown away by the surprise trailer for this Cloverfield "sequel" and I have very high hopes for it even though I know really nothing about it. The first film was a monster classic, also shrouded in mystery, so I'm hoping this can recapture that magic.
What Could Go Wrong: There's almost too much mystery. And I'm also very confused as to JJ Abrams comments with regards to it being a "spiritual successor". Is it a sequel? A new film entirely? I feel like if it's not connected to the first one at all that I'll be disappointed. 

Why It's Worth Seeing: Sacha Baron Cohen films can be funny and this looks like a bit of a break from the norm of his usual public-stunt comedy work
What Could Go Wrong: His films can also easily get annoying and this looks rather uninspired, all things considered. I didn't find the trailer all that funny. 

Why It's Worth Seeing: Having read the books, the third one goes to some pretty surprising and dark places and this is one of the better YA series adaptations outside of The Hunger Games.
What Could Go Wrong: I'm interested to see when they'll split the book given the huge twist that happens at one point. I almost wonder if they'll be doing some massive rewrites, which would make the impact of that twist a lot less important. 

Why It's Worth Seeing: Early reviews for this film that I know almost nothing about are pretty fantastic and it seems like it could be a unique take on the "superhero/powers" genre
What Could Go Wrong: It might not be as smart or unique as it thinks it is and if it ends up into just another origin story I think it will be quickly forgotten. 

Why It's Worth Seeing: Well, this is the big many different ways. This could either make things look fantastic for DC or have a lot of movie execs shaking in their boots. Personally, I think it looks like a ton of fun and I can't wait to see it. One of the previous trailers seemed to give everything away...but I think there's a hidden ace up their sleeves.
What Could Go Wrong: If that trailer really did reveal everything then this might be a tad boring. Also, Snyder needs to tone down the destruction and I'm hoping that bringing in Affleck will help from a directorial standpoint. 

Why It's Worth Seeing: It's the sequel to the surprise hit from many years ago that fans and critics liked because of its culture and humor.
What Could Go Wrong: This seems like an unnecessary sequel and possibly a lazy one and I think it will be really hard to capture the same lightning in a bottle as you did with the first one, especially when your opening weekend is against a Man of Steel and a Dark Knight. 

Must See (in order): 10 Cloverfield Lane, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zootopia, London Has Fallen
On My Radar: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, The Divergent Series: Alegiant, Midnight Special
Predicted Duds: The Brothers Grimsby, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

The lines of blockbuster are beginning to blur, as we will see this March. Hopefully it's an exciting month with some memorable films and we'll have another big-ish month in April! As always, I'd be really appreciative if you came and followed me through Blogger at RATH'S REVIEWS and like me on Facebook HERE! I follow-for-follow 100%. Thanks again!!


  1. Certainly an interesting March coming up. I actually liked "Olympus has fallen" because
    it was very funny to me. Sort of so-bad-its-good. Especially the fires that never go out or get bigger and the villain's glasses-off scene. May be just me. I wonder if london has fallen will be funny, entertaining or just a bad sequel. Also I have high hopes for Zootopia.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one that enjoyed it! Hopefully the sequel is entertaining.

      Zootopia could easily end up being the best film of the month.

  2. This past week JJ Abrams has been on record many a times to clarify 10 Cloverfield Lane ISN'T a direct sequel and the original monster won't be in the movie. I feel like it's a slight panic move because of all rage of people wanting there to be an actual monster (which may or may not be the case). People may feel cheated afterwards. Hopefully it doesn't end with that 'monster' coming from behind the house and then end right there.

    1. We'll have to see. If it's a great movie, it's a great movie -- monster or not. But if it's not tied in any way, shape, or form to the first then I beg the question of WHY "cloverfield" is used in the title other than a cheap marketing gimmick.

      Hope for the best!

  3. I just watched the gods of Egypt the other day... I wanted my two hours back. It was truly terrible. Have you watched it at this point?


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